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Another go-round

Remember that right after Christmas, I asked about the use of a go of something – a go of chili, a go of iced tea – instead of saying a full container of it?

Well, my contention was that it’s short for a go-around. I haven’t been able to prove or disprove that, but Mark helpfully checked in from Austria to let me know that it’s something he hears a lot from his English and Irish coworkers, and he added that he’s heard it all around the U.S. So, it might not be a true “Yorkism,” though again, I’d say it qualifies because even if it’s not ONLY done here, it’s done a lot here.

Husband Chris, meanwhile, took that post and went crazy on his critique of “Go, Dog, Go.” Jo tried to help me look up “a go,” but crashed her computer instead. (Sorry, Jo!)

So it looks like the origin of this phrase might go down as one of the great mysteries of this blog. Sorry I can’t provide any more info!

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