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Aluminum awnings: Some Only in York County-style house decor

Many thanks to Barry Ness of York, a regular reader and a frequent poster over at The Exchange, for the topic of today’s post.

A while ago, Barry wrote to me and said, “Have you ever looked at some of the homes in and around the Avenues and Fireside that have those aluminum patio/window awnings? Multi-colored or painted to match one’s home. Have some myself, well at least out front. My long patio covering was smashed by one past snow event with high amounts of the white stuff. These ’50s/’60s exterior decoration/functional equipment for homes has been disappearing as the years pass.”

While it took me a while to get back to Barry, it definitely struck me as a great example of something iconic to certain areas of York.
Barry was even kind enough to send me pictures! The one at the top of this post shows full porch coverage of a house on Pennsylvania Avenue. Below shows some of the window and door coverings on Parkway Boulevard.

Barry suggested we look into the local company (if any) that manufactured these, salesmen of this product and maybe a few pictures of some of those in York and maybe some examples outside the city limits. He also mentioned the “cloth awnings” for windows/doors, like those on the old Green’s Dairy Building on Roosevelt Ave., which now houses the Agape Healing Center and other organizations. He suggested that York Tent & Awning might be the starting place for many of these!

I will definitely be looking into these a bit more. But I’m interested in what you know about these, especially the aluminum ones and who their manufacturers might have been!

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