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ABCs of York County: Z winner

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best Z of York County is especially appropriate for a very hot day just after the Fourth of July! It’s…

Zimmy’s Pool! A clear case of what it “used to be” – and the subject of only the fifth-ever entry I posted on the blog back in 2007 – Zimmy’s was the nickname for the former Sun Valley Pool in York Township and also for what’s now Green Valley Pool in West Manchester Township.

The nickname came from when the two pools were owned by the Zimmerman family, including brothers Richard and Francis.

In the true blast-from-the-past spirit, here’s something I dug up from my days as a reporter, written in December 2003:

On Monday (Dec. 8, 2003), York County lost the man behind the opening of three of its largest swimming pools. Richard John Zimmerman, 89, died at Misericordia Convalescent Home. More than 50 years earlier, in 1953, he started construction on what would, in 1955, open to the public as Zimmy’s pool on South Queen Street in York Township. When Richard’s father, John Zimmerman, saw how successful his son’s venture was, he started his own pool — Lincolnway, off Market Street in West Manchester Township. Then Richard’s brother, Francis Zimmerman, built yet another pool in West Manchester Township. That Zimmy’s would later become Green Valley Swimming Pool. The original Zimmy’s became the Sun Valley Club in about 1960, said Richard’s son John R. Zimmerman. The older John Zimmerman has since died, and Francis is now in Florida. But the three pools the family started were still operating last summer. Next year, that number will drop. Sun Valley, which has been for sale since 2002 and remains on the market, won’t reopen next season. The younger John Zimmerman said he and his father had managed the pool together last year. “But it’s just not the same without Pop,” John said. “It wouldn’t seem right without him there.”

Now, Sun Valley is closed – and, in fact, filled in and grassed over. Green Valley has changed hands and is owned by Russ Jacobs. I’m not sure who owns the Lincolnway Pool; the last record I found in the paper’s archives said Patty Jacobs; I’m not sure if that’s still accurate or if Patty is any relation to Russ.

Anyway, with those fond memories, we’ve reached the end of voting for the ABCs. Like I said last week, for the rest of the Mondays in July, we’ll recap the series and hit on some other fun York County trivia; then, you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what comes next in August!

I have had SUCH a good time with this series. Have you?

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