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ABCs of York County: Y winner, and vote for the best Z

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best Y of York County is…

York Barbell and the “York Barbell Man!

This was suggested by many people… Mark, Mike and Dianne among them; Linda H. was specifically interested in the Barbell Man, who made news recently when he took a short vacation; she was excited to see him return and wrote, “As I drove down I-83 this evening he was back, spinning and looking awesome! You should check him out.”

Photo submitted today by Dianne Bowders, who writes: ‘He’s back. York Barbell man once again spins on his pedestal in time for the June 26-27 Strength Spectacular.’

You can read even more about the barbell man over on York Town Square.

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