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ABCs of York County: X winner, and vote for the best Y

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best X of York County is…
105.7 the X, a Citadel radio station based in Harrisburg. We’ll give them credit for York County, though, because we really don’t have a lot of Xs!
Update from Joan, Aug. 12, 2010: Many thanks to Ken Carson from WQXA, who pointed out that the X’s FCC broadcast license is for York. Those of you who are radio aficionados will know this is important legally and I appreciate Ken pointing it out. Their antenna and transmitter are on the hill behind the Harley-Davidson factory in Spring Garden Township, even though their broadcast facility is in Camp Hill. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks!
This was suggested by Mike, many thanks! It was a tough letter. Meanwhile, thanks to some good e-mails from John L., I now realize I can do a bunch of posts on radio in York County; history, format changes, etc. So look for some more on that topic in the weeks and months to come!
Anyway, now it’s time to start voting for your favorite Y and to post comments with suggestions for the best Z for next week’s poll, if you haven’t already. We’re almost done, guys, and I’m kinda sad!

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