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ABCs of York County: S winner and vote for the best T

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best S of York County is…

The Susquehanna River, suggested by Lorie! As Dianne pointed out, and as we at the paper know from coverage decisions, technically, the river itself “belongs” to Lancaster County – not York County!

But I included it anyway because of all the things in the county that are direct results of our bordering on a river. You know – like how we’re part of the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Region, the Susquehanna Valley, etc. – and how Susquehanna is part of the brand name for about a ton of things!

Jo made a good point, related to a choice that we DIDN’T have suggested. She says, “What??? No Smitties??? As in Dover & pretzels!” Good point. Sorry about that!

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