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ABCs of York County: R winner and vote for the best S

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best R of York County is…

(As of the time I wrote this post…) our first tie! It’s between Rutter’s and Rehmeyer’s Hollow. Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Rehmeyer’s Hollow was suggested by Mark and Lorie; Rutter’s by Bill Landes. Since I’ve already posted plenty about my addiction to Rutter’s food, I figure I’ll put a little info in this post about Rehmeyer’s Hollow.

Lorie found the following on Wikipedia:

“John H. Blymire, a pow-wow doctor — or Pennsylvania Dutch witch — had, for years, been suffering from illness and bad luck. When another pow-wow doctor (the River Witch of Marietta) told him he had come under the hex of witch doctor Nelson D. Rehmeyer, Blymire decided to retaliate by breaking into Rehmeyer’s home in search of a book of spells. The River Witch also informed Blymire that burning the book or burying a lock of Rehmeyer’s hair would remove the hex. Upon arrival to his farm house in North Hopewell Township, they encountered Rehmeyer himself.

Blymire and his two young accomplices (John Curry and Wilbert Hess) murdered, mutilated, and then burned Rehmeyer’s body. The murder took place exactly one minute past midnight on November 28, 1928. They were unsuccessful in locating his copy of Long Lost Friend, however, Blymire felt the hex lifted when Rehmeyer died. In the trial that followed, the country was shocked to learn of the existence of 20th-century witchcraft, especially in the quiet county of York, Pennsylvania.

Rehmeyer’s house where he was murdered still stands on Rehmeyer’s Hollow Road. Many locals believe it to be haunted.”

On a personal note, Chris (the my husband) and I took a drive down there in November of last year. Not to see ghosts so much, but rather to see a place so well-known in the county. The weirdest and scariest thing we saw was actually the graffiti on a stop sign on Blymire Hollow Road, seen below!

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