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ABCs of York County: O winner, and vote for the best P

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best O of York County is…
Olde York Street Fair, which was suggested by John Loeper. The event, held in downtown York each Mother’s Day weekend, started in 1959, when residents and businesses in the Olde Towne East neighborhood opened their homes and gardens to the public and invited artists and street vendors.

Visitors to the annual Olde York Street Fair are seen in this 2004 photo by Paul Kuehnel.

Now it’s time to start voting for your favorite P and to post comments with suggestions for the best Q for next week’s poll, if you haven’t already. I really need some “Q” ideas – I’ve only got two so far! Put your thinking caps on like you did with “P,” which has tons of options.

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