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ABCs of York County: L winner, and vote for the best M

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best L of York County is…

Lincoln Highway! This was suggested by, among others, friend and coworker Jess, who said she wanted to preempt “Route 30!” Jo liked this one; she writes: “I heartily agree with the votes for Lincoln Highway. York has always been so much a part of the history of that highway and one automatically thinks of the Lincoln Highway garage.”

Here, Tom Fadely of Fadely’s Auto Masters on West Market Street in West Manchester Township, is seen near a mural of the former Lincoln Highway Garage in 2004. Fadely was an admirer of the landmark garage, demolished to make way for a convenience store. York County artist Gary Gladfelter painted the mural, which reflects the cross-town Springettsbury Township garage in the 1930s.

If you’re interested, you can read much more about the Lincoln Highway on the York Town Square blog. (While you’re there, see how proud Jim was of his “J” award.)

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