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ABCs of York County: K winner, and vote for the best L

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best K of York County is…

Kiwanis Lake! This was suggested by Dianne and also by my brother-in-law Mike, who writes: “Kiwanis Lake is an artificial lake created in 1937 at the 13-acre Farquhar Park. It is now one of the largest breeding grounds in the Commonwealth for a special heron family. The lake is also a favorite place for fireworks and concerts during the summer. Children in the city use the lake for fishing, it is also used for recreational activities including just walking around the lake and feeding the ducks and swans.”

2008 photo by Kate Penn of swans at Kiwanis Lake

Jo said she visited the lake for the first time last year. She writes that she “was very pleasantly surprised to find such a gem in the middle of the city.” I agree – it really feels like you’re out in the country somewhere, in many areas.

As a side note, we went letterboxing there last summer and did see the herons mentioned by Mike!

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