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ABCs of York County: I winner, and vote for the best J

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountySo the winner for the best I of York County is…

Indian Rock Dam! This was another suggestion from my brother-in-law Mike, who was as always helpful in not only making the suggestion but researching its background!
He found this summary:

Background: The protective works for York, Pennsylvania, consist of Indian Rock Dam about 3 miles upstream from York, and channel improvements on Codorus Creek in the city itself. Indian Rock Dam is an earth and rock structure 1,000 feet long rising 83 feet above the streambed, with a side-channel spillway and gated outlet conduit in the right abutment. The normally dry reservoir area has a storage capacity of 28,000 acre-feet (9.1 billion gallons) at spillway crest and controls a drainage area of 94 square miles, equivalent to 41 percent of the watershed upstream from York. The Codorus Creek project consists chiefly of 22,969 feet of channel improvement including channel widening and deepening, flood walls, levees, protection of bank slopes, and removal of a mill dam which increased channel capacity to 24,000 cubic feet per second. The two components protect the community against flood discharges about 33 percent greater than the record flood of August 1933. Tropical Storm Agnes (June 1972) filled the flood control reservoir and produced spillway flow.

Flood Damages Prevented: Flood damages prevented through FY 2007 are estimated at $54,582,000.

Cost: The Federal cost of the project was $5,060,000 and was completed in September 1942.

Jo, who picked ice cream this time around, did have a good reason for her choice (and I admit ice cream was my suggestion, as I certainly associate it with York.) Jo writes: “I have to go with ice cream with all the locations around the county, including Mack’s & Handels (my favorite). York has a long history of dairies and their ice creams similar to pretzels, chips and bakeries.”

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