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A Yorkism that’s a real cut-up

Sorry, the post title is a bad pun courtesy of my husband, who makes bad puns out of anything.

No, today’s Yorkism is about scissors.

You know, you cut with them, right? But say one of that item was sitting on your counter. What would you call it?


The scissors?

A pair of scissors?

A scissors?

I am open to argument here. I say “a pair of scissors,” which is just as silly as “a pair of jeans.” You can’t have just one blade of the cutting device; you can’t have just one leg worth of denim. So it seems awful dumb to call them “a pair.” I mean, you need the whole thing, right?

But I was reading a story written for the Weekly Record the other day, about taffy, and the writer said to cut it with “a scissors.”

I’ve heard that a lot, but I don’t know if I could justify it grammatically.

Any thoughts??

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