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A Seven Valleys half-dollar: Joan goes to the antique store, part 2

Remember my earlier post from my trip to the New Salem antique store? You might recall my “job” was to find three items for the blog, and today, we’ll have a look at the second of them.

Seven Valleys souvenir half dollar

This is a wooden souvenir half-dollar from the 1967 Annual Business Show of the Seven Valleys Fire Company; you can see the front and the back above. The antique store had a whole box of these; some, including mine, came with a little plastic sleeve to keep it in.

That’ll come in handy, because this is made from very thin wood – maybe less than an eighth of an inch. I’m actually surprised that a whole bunch of them survived, unbroken, because of their thinness.

Anyway, it’s a neat little slice of history, and I’m glad to have one!

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