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A quick follow-up to the ‘mise-well’ Yorkism

Since yesterday’s post was so in-depth, I thought today we should have a little more of a quick read. In that spirit, here are a couple of quick follow-ups to our talk about “mise-well” as the York County way of saying “might as well.”

One of my favorites was from commenter Adam, who writes: “Good post. This is one Yorkism that kind of gets overlooked. I just realized that I have always pronounced it ‘mise-well’, and now that I think about it, I very specifically enunciate it incorrectly. And
no … I don’t plan to correct myself.”

Darn right, Adam!

Jo, meanwhile, came up with a VERY fun way of explaining what I sometimes describe as the York County economy of words and syllables.

Her thought?

“Is colloquiality preferred over loquaciousness?”

Like I said before… darn right!

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