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A poll for fun: How do you tell time in York County?

This idea comes to me from loyal reader Jo, who mentioned some time ago that we have a variety of ways in York County to describe the time.

There is the numerical version, of course. Looking at the clock pictured here, you might say it’s about “Eleven – thirty.” But the variations are the most fun. Is it “half past 11” or even “half 11,” which I think has a very British sound to it?

If it were 11:15, would it be a quarter past 11? Is 11:45 “a quarter of 12” or “a quarter ’til 12” or something else?

And so I thought, this calls for a poll! Since my polls are always unscientific at best, this one even allows you to choose multiple answers, and please feel free to leave me a comment explaining your choice!

And just for more fun, here’s a “Joan fact.” I pretty much can’t tell time at all. I look at the clock above and there’s something in my brain that locks up. If I work hard enough at it, yes, I can see that it shows 11:29, but my ability to do it immediately on sight is about as good as a below-average preschooler. Computer and cell-phone clocks and digital watches are my savior! One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten was when my best friend Nina found a very DRESSY digital watch that I could wear to work, and got it in two colors. Those are hard to find!

Hopefully, if you’re voting in the poll, you’re more clock-literate than I am!

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