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A neat history update from a reader

Last June, I posted a page from the July 18, 1968 York Gazette & Daily, which you can see here.

I had several thoughts about it – including some wonder at the prices, holy cow! – but my biggest question was about the story you can probably (faintly) see at top left. (See the original post for a bigger view.)

Anyway, I mentioned that the article says Jack Kroh is pictured at left and is a founding member of The Chaparrals singing group. I thought, at the time, that he might be the same gentleman who sings with the Glen Rock Carol Singers. His age and hometown matched, and it just made sense.

Well, I recently heard from one of the other Chaparrals listed in the article – Kent Rohrbach! Kent writes, “Yes, Jack Kroh of the Chaparrals is the same as Jack Kroh of the Glen Rock Carol Singers. He and numerous members of his family have been active in the group since its beginning 163 years ago.”

I thought maybe Kent was also a Caroler, and asked him if that was so. He replied, “I am not a member of the Glen Rock Carol Singers, however one of my uncles was. Anyone growing up in Glen Rock, as did I, appreciates the unique tradition of the Carol Singers. The Krohs embody the tradition.”

I love it when history ties together so neatly. Thanks, Kent, and thanks to Jack and the other Carol Singers for keeping a great tradition alive.

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