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A mule whisperer?

Did you know there was such a thing as a mule whisperer? One Delta couple learned first-hand from Brad Cameron, who travels across the country with his mules, during a late-September workshop in Medina, Ohio.

Cameron taught handlers safety tips, knot-tying and ways to get their livestock to work for them without causing the animals harm.

From a Cleveland Plain Dealer article:

Rob and Carole South traveled from Delta, Pa., to Minnesota earlier in the week to buy Nelson, a draft mule. The couple then drove from Minnesota to Medina for the class. Rob South said it was well worth it.

“We’ve done all this driving, and I’ve only been on his back for a total of 20 minutes,” South said. “The tips I learned today will carry over for as long as I have him.”

Meanwhile, a little closer to home, a team of Percheron horses from a farm in Delta performed horse-hitch demonstrations at the West Lampeter Community Fair in Lancaster County during the last week of September. The horses even brought the fair queen to the grounds on a wagon.

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