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A lot of thoughts on Avalong’s

I asked for memories of Avalong’s in a March post, and I was floored by how many responses I got!

Terri writes: “I remember the drive-up area where they delivered to your car. Mom, sisters and I were laughing so hard one time when we were trying to order we had to pull out and go to another speaker to re-order. I guess you had to be there. They had the best shrimp basket and fries. Also had great apple dumplings as I recall. Used to go there with my first serious b-friend in his convertible Mustang. Later in life took my kids there miniature golfing and to the driving range. Now you would hit the Galleria if you drove balls there. Great memories. Thanks for bringing them back.”

Dianne agreed with Jim McClure’s comments on the broasted chicken, and she shed some light on the name, too. She writes: “AvaLong’s was named for Ava Long. The restaurant had the best broasted chicken and salads with hot bacon dressing!”

Trudy, a new commenter, writes: “I remember it!! Best broasted chicken and milk I ever had. Also had a drive-in area and the food was delivered to your car. What memories!!!”

New commenter Betty Sipe writes, “I remember they had the best clam chowder soup. It was more like corn soup than the usual expected kind of clam soup. Never had anything there that I didn’t like. Spent many weekend date nights there eating one of there yummy sundaes. We loved the curb service too. Oh for the good old fashioned Mom and Pop local resturants of yesteryear!”

And Mark summed it up well – “How can anyone around my age or older NOT remember Avalong’s?” His comment and some others brought up different “Do you remembers?” too. Joe said he only remembers it as the Meadowbrook Restaurant. Does anyone else remember that?

Commenter Bill said a similar dairy restaurant in Red Lion was Warner’s – no miniature golf, but a similar restaurant. Do you remember that?

Mark remembers when that location was home to Rutter’s as a restaurant – at the other Rutter’s location, on Lightner Road, where Mark worked, they made broasted chicken with the Avalong recipe. “Never had any better broasted chicken than Avalong’s/Rutter’s,” he wrote. (That’ll be a subject for another post!) Mark goes on to say: “Have to agree on the shrimp basket comment too. Yes, York food has clogged my arteries … YUM!

And Jo has a question about a then-and-now aspect. She writes: “At the Isaac’s in that area (where Avalong’s was), there is a small stream. Was that water there and a part of the farm when it was in operation?” Do you know?

Comment and shed some light! I love hearing what everyone remembers.

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  1. I worked at Avalong all through high school. Was there when Rutters took over. Made the broasted chicken too. Wish it was still there instead of that worthless mall.

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