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A fun look at the history of the YDR

Yes, I used “fun” and “history” in the same sentence; maybe I’ve been hanging out with Jim too much.

Anyway, my husband found this gem for me in microfilm – a random page from the July 18, 1968 Gazette and Daily, the predecessor of the Daily Record/Sunday News.

There’s all sorts of good stuff here. Among my favorites were the stores in the ads – Lentz’s Food Market in the Hellam area; and Community Pure Food Stores, location unknown. And the prices! You can get 12 Fudgsicles for 49 cents! And three pounds of apples for 39 cents!

The news stories are great, too – New Freedom minister the Rev. Ira L. Langenfelter and his wife went on vacation to Niagara Falls; also, a local musical group, The Chaparrals, dedicated their new album to their founder, who had passed away the previous December. (Or, as the article says, was “fatally injured” in a “traffic mishap.”)

The story about the Chaparrals is interesting; they mention that Jack Kroh is pictured at left and is a founding member of the group; I am thinking he’s the same gentleman pictured over on the York Town Square blog with the Glen Rock Carolers. His age and hometown match… I wonder!

The other Chaparrals listed are Kent Rohrbach, Sonny Singer, John Roberts, Mel Weaver and Jim Hoffman, all of Glen Rock at that time; Jerry Bastas, then of Yorkana; Rick Abel, then of East Prospect; and Brent Berwager, then of New Freedom.

Anyway, I just thought you guys might like the walk down memory lane as much as I did. Sometimes history is fun!

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