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A few more notes on what used to be where in York County’s shopping centers

One problem I have as I chronicle York County’s stores and restaurants of the past is that I remember WHAT used to be here a lot better than I remember WHERE it used to be!

A few commenters, though, have been great at helping me locate some businesses I couldn’t place.

Robert explains that “Two Guys Dept Store was the entire length from Old Country Buffet down to and including Tractor Supply” in the Northwest Plaza shopping center on Route 30. (Not to be confused with North Gate Plaza, even though they’re less than two miles apart on the same road.)

Anyway, Robert knew where Two Guys was because he worked there, ending as the automotive manager.

Another “employee memory” came from Susan Beaven. She writes, “I worked at Key Fashions in the North Mall. It was my first part-time job in high school. There was also Marianne’s clothing store, Shaffner’s jewelry and upscale clothing store. There was a gift shop at North Gate I believe called The Gate House.”

And commenter Ami adds, “There was definitely a Mailman’s at the Queensgate Shopping Center … located in the spot currently occupied by The Bon-Ton.”

Thank you all for shedding light on those. It is GREATLY appreciated! Maybe someday I’ll get real fancy and make a map. You know, in all my free time?

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  1. I’m wondering if any of your readers remember The Bright Star Restaurant that was on the corner of Rt 30 and Roosevelt Ave (car dealership there now). I fondly remember that spot as where a lot of us hung out after a night of “clubbing”. After 2:00ish in the morning there were all kinds of characters (in various stages of sobriety LOL). I’m in my seventies now and that was when I was in my twenties but still have a lot of memories from that place. Thanks!!

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