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A fall drive through southern York County, part 1

Remember yesterday’s photo of the metal cows at Maple Lawn Farms in New Park, Fawn Township?

Well, perhaps inspired by that, our family spent a recent Sunday driving around exactly that area of southern York County.

We had no destination in mind; we just wanted to “get lost.” That’s a challenge for me (and for my husband, who is almost always the driver.) Here is a sample conversation from our car.

Hubby: “I have no idea where we are!”

Joan: “Oh, we’re in this township and up the road a mile or so is going to be this business that used to be this other business!”

Hubby: (Large sigh.)

So it was fun for both of us to go down some roads we’d never been down. “Stone Hollow,” pictured above, was a scene from one such road. (I truly don’t even know what road we were on!)

So where else did we end up?

Well, we’d talked briefly about going to Maize Quest that afternoon; we ended up having so much fun driving around that we didn’t stop, but we – completely accidentally – drove by!

We also ended up in Gatchelville. Gatchelville is part of Fawn Township, and also completely coincidentally, has been a hot topic of conversation this week over on our message board, The Exchange.

You’ll hear more about Gatchelville in tomorrow’s post, in which I talk about some cool shopping both there and in Red Lion. For now, though, you can read more about Gatchelville over on York Town Square!

We also spent some time around Muddy Creek, heading through Muddy Creek Forks, before winding our way back up toward home.

Last stop? Mini golfing at Jim Mack’s on Route 462 East, where we fed the wildlife, including the world’s most spoiled black bear, which shakes its food dish if you’re not feeding it fast enough.

At least Sarah TRIED to make some of the animals work for food!

So that was part 1 of your rundown of a great fall drive. Check back tomorrow for more fun from Gatchelville!

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