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A fall drive through southern York County, part 2

I promised yesterday that I’d tell you more about some of the places we stopped on our recent fall drive.

First, we stopped by The Gatchellville Store at 2497 New Park Road in New Park, Fawn Township. This antique market is owned by Linda Sarubin and Carroll Swam, and it was really cool! There’s even a sign hanging up in the store, telling about it:

This was probably Sarah’s favorite thing at the store – a handmade, very large dollhouse-type farmhouse and barn!

Overall, the store focuses on antique buttons, musical instruments and Bakelite items, but it’s got two floors of good stuff of all kinds to browse through.

Here’s a note: If you’d like to go, the store does close for the winter. It’s open Saturdays and Sundays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., for another week or so.

Before I move on to our other shopping stop, I have to point out that you might have noticed what looks like a typo earlier. The town is named Gatchelville – or, rather, that’s our best guess. The store is, though, The Gatchellville Store, with two Ls, and Jim McClure and I are open to debate on which way is correct! Any reputable sources you’d like to quote? Leave us a comment!

OK, but dispensing with that debate, let’s move on to our second shopping stop.

While winding our way back toward York proper on our drive, we stopped at the Munchkin Flea Market, 25 Grand St. in Red Lion.

This cool place is divided into little rooms with various vendors’ items. I met “The Munchkin” – owner/manager Lee Marks – who has some of the craziest hats I’ve ever seen!

Lee tells me that the Munchkin nickname comes not from The Wizard of Oz, as many people would believe, but from another movie – Poltergeist! Oh, the things you find out when you stop to talk to people!

Anyway, Lee’s market is super-cool, and you can check it out Thursdays through Sundays. Fridays, they’re open noon to 6 p.m.; the other days, it’s 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

So that was our big shopping trip. Two really cool stores full of other people’s castoffs, but that’s what I love most, a chance to reuse something that is no longer wanted!

Do you guys know of any other good flea markets, antique stores, etc., that I might be able to visit? I’m especially interested in any that are a bit off the beaten path!

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