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A different type of memory: Churches in York

Commenter John Loeper, a longtime Yorker now living in Middletown, brought up a good type of memory we haven’t talked much about.

As we were talking about downtown memories, he commented, “Some additional memories on downtown York. There was a lunch room in the first block of North Beaver Street (next to a barber shop). I can’t remember the name even though I ate lunch there scores of times. Also, St Patrick’s Catholic Church on S. Beaver, across from York HIgh, is a big downtown memory for me. On “holy days” they would have a noon mass that lots of people who worked downtown used to go to. Years before that in my young teen years my father used to roust me out of bed Sunday mornings in the summertime to go to the 6am mass at St. Pat’s and then it was on to Yorktown Golf Course for 18 holes. If we didn’t get off the first tee by 7:30 my fathers whole day would be ruined. As I recall the inside of St. Pat’s is absolutely beautiful.”

That made me think… we haven’t talked much about church memories, though if you’re a longtime reader, you probably know a little about the church where I grew up. (You really want to click that link, if only for the picture. Trust me.)

I realize not all of you are churchgoers, and not all of you lived in York County when you were younger, but if you are, and if you did, where did you grow up going to church? (And, for a bonus pop quiz – can anyone identify the rather well-known York County church whose steeple is shown with this post in a photo by Paul Kuehnel?)

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