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A current lunchtime favorite: York County gets multicultural

So I’ve had the same thing for lunch about five times in the last two weeks.

These are the pork gyoza and shrimp shumai appetizers (along with a side of rice) from Masa at Kenneth and Loucks roads in West Manchester Township, only a block from my office.

First of all. Yummy.

Second of all, have you noticed how much Asian cuisine has grown in popularity in York County? It used to be that you could find Chinese restaurants by the dozen, but few Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc. (Though the former Market Street Cafe, now the Viet-Thai Cafe, on East Market, was always GREAT.)

Now, within a few blocks of the office, we have Masa; the new Emperors, which features Japanese cuisine; Fuji Hana, which also offers hibachi; and places like the Grand Buffet, where you can get sushi rolls in addition to your traditional Chinese cuisine.

I’m definitely not an adventurous eater in many ways, but I’ve yet to be disappointed in my Asian cuisine experiments. (And, yes, my husband and I do enjoy some raw fish on rice!)

So other than the places I mentioned, any other places you’d suggest? Have you been to any of them? (I haven’t hit Emperors yet, but am hoping to soon!)

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