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A bonanza of steakhouses, Memory Lane follow-up and more

Thanks to everyone who has chipped in an idea for the stores and restaurants of the past index! I really appreciate it. And it’s going to be fun, having posts on all those places!

Even before I started work on that index, though, I had asked about what businesses you remember being on Memory Lane.

And… we heard about steaks!

Photo by Flickr user roland

John L. said, “The Memory Lane thing made me think of Bonanza steak house. Steak dinners for something like 99 cents or 1.99 in the 60s. There was another locally owned steak house on Memory Lane after that but I can’t remember the name (even though I used to do a radio show that was sponsored by it)!”

(Don’t worry, John. I can’t always remember what advertisers were in my print section last WEEK, let alone years ago!)

Mike writes, “I think there was an OK Corral in the place where the Embers is now located.” John, was that the steakhouse you were thinking of? And was there also a Bonanza somewhere else in town, too?

So, I’ve added Bonanza and OK Corral to the list, but I’d like to know more about them. What do you remember? When, about, were they open? Can’t wait to hear more!

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