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A blast from the past: Hanover House

While going through some of my husband’s big pile of ephemera the other week, I found a November 1963 copy of Family Circle magazine. Of course I was intrigued, especially with all their Christmas gift suggestions.

So guess how surprised I was when, among all the things you could buy from companies in New York and San Diego, I found a lovely gift from Hanover!

Hanover House, the company selling the dog-radio, was a mail-order catalog company that was acquired in 1972 by Horn & Hardart (yes, the Automat people), who were looking to diversify. It eventually became known as Hanover Direct, which, though it’s expanded to other states too, does maintain an office on Poplar Street in Hanover!

This wasn’t the first fun York reference I’d found in an old pile of paper, but it might be the cutest!

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