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A blast from the past: A 1970 photo of one of our readers

So this is kind of fun. While searching in the YDR’s archives recently, I found the photo above, taken of the 1970 CROP Walk in York.

The interesting part is who is pictured. You probably all know frequent commenter John Loeper. Well, I saw the same name come up in this photo’s caption and had to write to him.

John responds, “Yes it is me… the guy in the middle with the dark coat. WOW that was a long time ago. I remember the day well though… it was a blast. We were the only radio station to actually walk in that event for the entire 12 miles.”

From left are Al Gregson, John and Ken Kephart, all WORK (1350 AM) employees at the time. John, you might remember, later went on to work at WSBA-FM in 1977. By John’s recollection, this was the first CROP walk in the United States – “another first for York,” he says! Their parent organization doesn’t seem to agree but I don’t care – we can take credit for at least being “one of the first!”

Anyway, see how much fun radio history really is? It gives me a chance to root around in old pictures!

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