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2011 York Fair: Food with a friend, Part 1

Tracey at the fairToday’s visit to the York Fair came with a special guest: One of my best friends, Tracey, also a lifelong Yorker and as die-hard of a fairgoer as I am!

She agreed to take on the task of helping me eat anything we could get our hands on and finding new things to blog about. I know, it’s a hard job, being my friend. Thankfully a couple of people manage. 🙂

Can you guess what Tracey’s about to eat in this picture? Come back tomorrow for details; I’ll have more photos of our good eatin’.

One fun thing? We had a chance to talk to the nice ladies at the Lola’s Waffles and Ice Cream stand. You know I love some waffles and ice cream (vanilla for me, neopolitan for Tracey). Turns out, they have these cute little vintage earrings made just like their waffles! The parts were handmade – little hand-cut waffles and little ice-cream centers. The Lola’s Lemonade woman had three large lemons on HER earrings! The ladies were so nice to explain to us how much work had gone into them. Wish I had thought to get a picture.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow, including Tracey’s take on some yummy eats she tried!

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