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York under the Confederate flag!

An 1861 woodcut of the Confederate Stars and Bars fluttering over the Marshall House hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. Two years later, a later version of the Confederate banner floated in the breeze over York, Pennsylvania, the largest town in the North to be occupied by the Rebels during the Civil War.
This Wednesday night, June 25, the York County Heritage Trust and the York Civil War Roundtable will co-host a Civil War panel discussion on the occupation of York during the Gettysburg Campaign. As part of the city-sponsored Patriot Days, this event has been evolving for several months, but has now been finalized. A panel of four speakers will join moderator Jim McClure of the York Daily Record to present a series of brief talks on various aspects of the town, its people and buildings, its defenders, and its uninvited guests from Dixie.
The panel discussion is free of charge, and will be at YCHT’s auditorium at 250 E. Market Street in downtown York at 7:00 p.m.. Parking is also free. This presentation deals with a very interesting and controversial subject, one that elicits numerous opinions.

Here is a schedule for Wednesday’s panel discussion, beginning at 7:00 pm and held in the YCHT meeting Hall – “The Confederate Occupation of York, June 1863.”
Lila Fourhman-Shaull of the YCHT will provide opening remarks and a welcome, with a brief background of the joint venture of the YCHT and the York Civil War Roundtable as well as information about Patriot Days and the following three days of events. Jim McClure will then take about five minutes to “set the stage” of the forthcoming Confederate invasion/occupation.
The panelists are:
* Dr. Mark Snell will open with a discussion of York-native General William B. Franklin and the town’s civilian Committee of Safety. He will cover the Union military preparations as the Confederates approach.
* Author and blogger Scott Mingus will then deal with the reaction to the perceived “selling out” of York, and will present arguments pro and con from various contemporary commentators..
* York County historian June Lloyd with speak on York’s civilians, especially the women such as Cassandra Small.
* Architecture expert and author Scott Butcher will focus on the historic buildings and locations of the city and what happened there
Jim McClure will then close the presentation with a wrap-up and then open the floor to questions.
There will be handouts for the evening with the agenda, and these will have space for the attendees to note their questions for the end of the evening.
See you there!!!