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York native served as a Confederate officer

Returning Rebels

On Saturday afternoon of last week, says the Hagerstown Herald, two young bloods, named George Shearer and Clakett Fitzhugh, late of the rebel army, drove into Hagerstown in a wagon, and stopped at the City Hotel, where they registered their names in large letters, as follows: Major George Shearer, Confederate States Army; Captain C. Fitzhugh, ditto.
After taking a drink at the bar they proceeded to call upon their acquaintances of former days, but they were speedily waited upon by two members of the Vigilance Committee and politely informed that if they consulted their personal safety they would leave town as soon as possible. Acting on this mild suggestion they took their leave, and have not since been heard from.
We have been informed that Fitzhugh is a Pennsylvanian by birth, but was residing in this county at the time the rebellion broke out. Major Shearer is a native of York County, Pennsylvania, but, we believe, joined the rebel army from this State. He was taken prisoner last summer near this place, while attempting a raid on the town. He is not personally popular in this region…
Philadelphia Press, August 9, 1865