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List of York County men in the Union Army during the Civil War

Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War is one of my favorite websites. I use it often as a reference site, as it contains a lot of useful information, including the text of Samuel Bates’ classic History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, as well as the corresponding card file of the vast majority of Keystoners who served in the Union Army during the war. The webmaster also includes a list of soldiers hailing from York County, Pennsylvania, who served in the officially mustered units, as well as several independent companies. Biographies of several men are included in the website, as well as other pertinent information of value to the local researcher.

Even more impressive is a database at the York County Heritage Trust contributed by author and researcher Dennis Brandt, who compiled every known Civil War soldier from York County. For more information, please see the YCHT webpage.

extracted from the book History of York County, John Gibson, 1886

Privates – James Crimins, William Markley.
Officers. – Captain – George Hay; First Lieutenant -John W. Schall; Second Lieutenant -Jacob Emmett, Jr.; First Sergeant – John Albright; Second Sergeant – Philip Peiffer; Third Sergeant – Oliver P. Stair; Fourth Sergeant – Emanuel Smith; First Corporal – Edward F. Smith; Second Corporal – Char1es W. Stubbins; Third Corporal – William C. Getz; Fourth Corporal – Albert A. Welsh; Musicians – Samuel Simons, Zachariah Zimmerman.
Privates. – John Bush, Ferdinand Buckingham, George N. Barnitz, Adam Bein, Charles Busey, William Clapper, Daniel Cooks, John Dennes, John A. Epply, George W. Feistell, David Fox, Emanuel Foust, Ambrose Foust, Matthew Foose, George Greysley, Andrew J. Gotwald, Frederick Ginter, Lewis Hoffman, Solomon R. Haugh, Joseph W. Houghes, Peter Hubert, Charles F. Hauck, Charles Harkins, Joseph Harman, Joseph A. Heidler, John Kise, Robert W. Keech, Daniel Landis, Augustus Laucks, Jacob Lehr, Franklin Morgan, John McIllvaine (M.D.), Peter K. Myers, Henry Marks, Jeremiah Oliver, David Reese, Samuel Ruth, William Ranson, George Rudisell, William A. Reisinger, Jacob Smith, Robert Smith, Daniel Spangler, Charles F. Stroman, William H. Smyser, Martin Selack, Charles A. Shetler, Jacob Smyser, Henry Smallbrook, Isaac C. Simmon, George C. Stroman, William Seyfert, Henry Seipe, John N. Taylor, William H. Tomes, Charles Wolf, Alexander C. Ward, John F. Williams, Harrison C. Weist, John Willy, Henry Young, Daniel Zellers, Joseph Zeudlick, Franklin Zerger.

Field and Staff Officers. – Colonel – Thomas A. Ziegle; Lieutenant-Colonel – George J. Higgins; Major – Frank T. Bennett; Adjutant – – William Brown; Quartermaster – A.H. Glatz; Surgeon – William W. McGuigen; Assistant Surgeon – James K. Rogers.
Company Officers. – Captain – John Hays; First Lieutenant – – Solomon Meyers; Second Lieutenant – John M. Deitch; First Sergeant – – Jacob Stough; Second Sergeant – – Elias Spangler; Third Sergeant – – William F. Frank; First Corporal – Jacob I. Young; Second Corporal – William H. Albright; Third Corporal – Lewis Small; Fourth Corporal – Zachariah Knaub; Musicians – George H. Brierman, Henry Zorger.
Privates. – William Baum, John W. Baum, Charles M. Brannon, Frederick Banstean, Frederick Breidling, Henry Birnstock, William H.H. Craver, Murray I. Cross, Samuel S. Crull, William R. Crull, Leonard Doll, Edwin C. Duncan, David Everhart, Joseph H. Ensign, George S. Frey, John Frick, Charles J. Fox, Albert Ford, Samuel Funk, Charles E. Gardner, George W. Glessner, H.E.F. Grubb, Oscar K. Harris, John Haslup, Henry Hemp1e, John Hoelle, Joseph Ilgenfritz, David F. Ilgenfritz, Edward Kraber, John Klinedinst, Benjamin I. King, Gabriel Marks, Christian Miller, George Moore, William F. Moorehead, Peter Nickel, George Rabine, Frederick Reinhart, William Reisinger, George H. Ropp, Charles F. Ropp, Alexander H. Rupert, Samuel Rudy, Harrison Stair, George C. Stair, Samuel H. Spangler, George I. Spangler, William A. Spangler, Charles A. Strack, Charles H. Stahlman, William Swartz, David Sirp, John Smeltzer, John Shirey, John Strickler, Alex A. Strickler, Philip M. Shive, Lewis M. Smith, Edward L. Schroeder, Henry I. Test, Lewis Thomas, Dan’l L. Welsh, Franklin I. Welsh, Christian Yenser.
Officers. – Captain – Horatio Gates Myers; First Lieutenant – Joseph Renaut; Second Lieutenant, Jacob W. Bender; Sergeants – Alfred McKinney, William Troup, George Kochler, Henry Houser; Corporals – Adam Klink, Abraham Becher, Henry Trone, Andrew Miller; Musicians – Silas Gengling, Lewis Renaut.
Privates. – William Allwood, Jerome Adams, Thomas Brown, Henry P. Bittenger, William Bair, Israel Boblitz, Henry Carr, Henry F. Constine, Jeremiah Carbaugh, Lewis Cline, George Colbeg, Jacob Doll, Martin Deihl, Henry A. Eckenrode, Charles Fiscus, John Gross, Franklin Gipe, James Grimes, William Guinlittle, Hamilton S. Grim, Joseph Grim, Nicholas Hahm, George Jones, William Klunk, Daniel Keesey, Anthony Klunk, William Low, John Low, Daniel Lookabaugh, Adam McKinney, John McElroy, William McFarland, Michael Mulgrew, Jerome McWilliams, John Martin, Jacob D. Neiderer. Pius Neiderer, Alexander Parr, Rolandus Roland, Adam Robling, Adam Reiling, William Rhinedollar, Edward Slagle, William Staman, John Soule, Reuben Stonesifer, Calvin Simpson, Peter Schuck, James Stewart, Daniel Weaver, William White, George Warner, John Wheeler, Jackson Wintrode, Daniel Witmyer.
Officers. – Captain – Cyrus Diller; First Lieutenant – Henry Morningstar; Second Lieutenant – Joseph S. Jenkins; First Sergeant – Michael Harmon; Second Sergeant – Isaac Wagner; Third Sergeant – John Shanesy; Fourth Sergeant – Joel Henry; First Corporal -Adam Morningstar; Second Corporal – William Shuman; Third Corporal – George E. Yingling; Fourth Corporal – Joseph A. Slagle; Musicians – Simon J. Diiler, Thomas L. Wirt.
Privates. – Theodore Bair, William A. Beard, Walter F. Beard, Peter Butt, Martin Buehler, William Bupp, Frederick M. Boyer, William Collins, Michael Chrum, John Divine, Samuel Dillen, John A. Eline, John S. Forest, Henry Fleming, Leo Gleason, Sebastian Grimm, Henry Hubley, Michael Herman, John Kouck, John H. Krook, Daniel Kneidler, Levi King, Adam King, George Livingston, Jacob Low, George Luttenberger, George Long, Charles Mowery, Charles Myers, Joseph McKinsey, Matthias Mann, Henry C. Metzor, William Newman, John Petry, Rufus Parr, Peter Reaver, George Ritzel, John Runk, John Spence, David Shull, William Sickel, George Sickel, Henry Stine, Andrew G. Shull, Daniel F. Stair, Jacob H. Shriver, Franklin Steininger, Henry Schrall, John Simpson, Thomas Sayers, Franklin Sharp, Edward H. Snyder, Conrad Snyder, Gustavus Trone, Abraham Test, George W. Walker, Michael Wise, Samuel Witter, John Wagner, Andrew Wolf, George W. Welsh, Christian Wagner.
Officers. – Captain -Theodore D. Cochran; First Lieutenant – Michael Gallagher, Jr.; Second Lieutenant – Andrew D. Yocum, First Sergeant – John A. Ettinger; Second Sergeant, Jacob Sheets; Third Sergeant- William E. Patterson; Fourth Sergeant – Charles D. Henry; First Corporal – Henry Buckingham; Second Corporal – Jacob Buckmurster; Third Corporal -Andrew J. Fulton; Fourth Corporal – John W. Carey; Musicians – Isaac Rudisil, Andrew Z. Frey.
Privates – Samuel B. Bair, James F. Barnitz, John Barnmiller, Jesse Beck, John Beers, Oram G. Blake, Thomas Z. Bevise, Matthias Bloom, Jacob Cooks, Emanuel C. Coleman, George Deitz, Johannas Deckling, Samuel Evans, John Engles, William Giroy, John Hagan (first), John Hagan (second), Henry Heubner, Jerome Heidler, Jacob Hauck, Paul Herman, William Ilgenfritz, Jonathan Kersey, John H. Keesey, Daniel G. Keesey, Oliver Keesey, John Kendig, Frederick Klinefelter, Frantz Kettles, Frank Kettling, George Knodle, Harrison Keesey, Benjamin Leber, Henry Leibenight, Jacob Marver. Henry C. Miller, John Miller. Abraham Myers, Sigmond Myers, Joseph Motter, James C. McGuire, William H. McCauly, John Michael, Thomas J. Montgomery, Samuel F. Neoin, Edward Ness, Edward Owens, William Owens, Morris Parvell, John Rapp, Henry H. Riley, Martin Richard, Eli Ream, Jeremiah T. Reary, John Stough, Charles Snyder, Samuel Saylor, Franklin Stallman, John Schellenberger, William Schriver, Nathaniel Thompson, Henry Weidner, Patrick Whaling, Peter K. Yost.

Officers. – Captain George H. Hess, Captain William G. Wasson. First Lt. Calvin Kendig, 1st, Lt. William H. Trapnel; 2d Lt. David Warfel, 2nd Lt. Amos W. Sourbeer. First Sgt. Samuel Pickel, Sgt. Charles K. Wasson, Sgt. Abraham J. Taylor, Sgt. George M.D. Lemmon, Sgt. Elias Funk, Sgt. John B. Courtney. Corp. Lindley McClune, Corp. Franklin Sourbeer, Corp. Jacob Shaub, Corp. John Gilbert, Corp. William Bruce, Corp. Jacob Finney, Corp. John F. Dablor, Corp. Henry Pickel, Corp, William Lafferty, William Klineyoung, musician, Jacob Diffenderfer, musician.
Privates. – William Allison, James Boyle, Miller Brady, John Beichall, John Beehtold, William J. Bowers, William Brown, Abraham Brubecker, Barzilles Briggles, James Barbew, Amos Bushorn, Mark Beatty, Jacob Byers, E.M. Clark, James Cresswell, Samuel Campbell, Frederick Davis, Joseph Deitriek, Charles Dern; Joseph Flick, Aaron Fralick, John Ferguson, Charles R. Grosh, T.L. Graham, Samuel P. Groff, Samuel Gordon, Gottlieb Garner, Valentine Hoffman, Hiram Hughes, John Hill, Amos Hoak, John B. Heble, Amos Harmer, David Heiney, Samuel Herr, Aldus Hawthorne, Jacob Hiller, Chas. Homberger, George Heiny, David Hamilton, Amos Haverstick, Jacob Harnish, Christian Henninger, Israel Jacobs, Amos Johnson, Jacob Johnson, John W. Kise, Francis Kelborne, Joseph Knight, Lemon Kline, Charles B. King, Daniel Kauffman, Jesse M. Kughn, Uriah H. Love. George Lanning, George Miller, Isaac Musser, John Maynard, John McFarland, Samuel McFarland, William McCoy, Peter McBride, Michael McCabe, William Norris, Samuel Ohrnite, William Peek, Freeman Powers, John Rhoads, John Reed, Samuel Robinson, John Sourbeer, Henry Shoff, Franklin Smith, Robert Scott, Charles D. Trippie, William Tweed, John W. Urban, Benjamin F. Urban, Frederick Vierling, Samuel White, Robert Wertz, William Wright, William J. Webb, Hiram Will, Zachariah Wilhelm, Urie Wilson, William Williamson.

Officers. – Captain – Charles W. Diven. First Lieutenants – William W. Arnold, George Huber, James K. Miller. Second Lieutenant – Nathan Carman; First Sergeant – George W. Ebaugh; Sergeants – Henry Gise, John Conway, Isaac D. Culmerry George C. Bush, James L. McClure; Corporals – Jerethiah Waltmeyer, Henry Balsi, George Writer, Ambrose Ensminger, Jacob Shannon, John D. Campbell, Charles Halmer, Augustus L. Hursh, Hiram Kendig, Eli Harnish, Daniel D. Bailey, Christian S. Wagner. Musician- – Jacob Eppley, John Embeck, Daniel Repman.
Privates. – George Albert, Levi Akin, Paris W. Albert, Washington Alexander, William Bettinger, Michael Berger, John Bishop, Frederick Bongey, Samuel Breneman, Hugo L. Bush, George B. Brown, Solomon Barlin, Winfield S. Duffield, John A. Duffield, Amos Day, Wilson Everal, William Eaton, William B. Eaton, David Ehrman, Wilson C. Fox, John B. Fry, Arthur E. Fulton, Jas. Feltenberger, William B. Fox, John Grantz, William Gibbs, Arnum Gegler, Lewis Grove, Henry Gable, Moses Gardner, Henry Gegler, Nicholas B. Heim, Solomon C. Hampson, George Hardy, Michael Haley, Cornelius Hoover, Henry Harman, Jacob Hanafius, James Isenberg, Frederick Ingles, Andrew Kinter, Jacob Kaylor, George Kenny, George W. Lowe, Christian C. Leib, Washington Laird, Ira E. Lowe, Tolbert Lowe, John A. Marks, Archibald McMonagle, Edward Mackinson, Wesley McLeary, William Myers, James Morrison, George Messamore, Charles Montgomery, William Mentzberger, Charles Moyer, James Martoe, James Osborn, Jeremiah Parson, John Rohabaugh, David Shirk, Augustus Shaefer, Joseph Shaefer, Robert Stevenson, James Stevenson, Orlando Simpson, Charles Stewart, George W. Smith, Henry Smith, Richard Sneath, George F. Streading, Samuel Skipper, John Tennis, David Torbit, John Waltemeyer, William Wetzel, Adam Waltemeyer, Washington Williams, John Wisser, Lewis Waltemeyer, Thomas H. White, Peter Whalen, Henry Zorger.

Officers. – Maj. Alfred E. Lewis, Captain Jacob M. Barr, Maj. Theodore Miller, Captain Thomas G. Orwig, Captain Henry Y. Wildey, First lieutenant Abingdon W. Minich, First lieutenant John Hardy, First lieutenant Benjamin M. Orwig, First lieutenant William H. Kilgore, Second lieutenant Frank C. Choate, Second lieutenant William C. Wick, Second lieutenant John Hassler, Second lieutenant Gustavus Reeling, Second lieutenant John Perrin, First Sergt. John Gnaw, Quartermaster Sergeant Jed. D. Lincoln, Sergt. David Givens, Sergt. James O. Blauvelt, Sergt. John Miller, Sergt. George Miller, Sergt. James A. Fish, Sergt. Joshua E. Price, Sergt. Charles D. Elliott, Sergt. Albert W. Goff, Sergt. Henry Greybill, Sergt. Jacob S. Bernheisel, Sergt. John Hoggs, Sergt. Isaac I. Kenyon, Sergt. Fordyce A. Lyman, Sergt. H.W. Strawser, Sergt. George W. Cripps, Sergt. Daniel W. Styles, Corp. T.W. Fullerton, Corp. William Wilson, Corp. Charles Anderson, Corp. George N. Tuttle, Corp. Fleming Mathews, Corp. John R. Foust, Corp. William McGuirk, Corp. William Tateman, Corp. Harlow Moon, Corp. James Wereham, Corp. Ephraim Oakley, Corp. Francis Rick, Corp. Barton Beck, Corp, H.D. Gochemus, Corp. Tilghman Jacoby. Corp. C.A. Keampher, Corp. Joseph R. Miller, Corp. And. D. Townsend, Corp. George B. Barkley, Corp. Patrick Kane, Corp. H.E. Esbenshade, Corp. John Flannegan, Corp. Howard Smith; Buglers – Adam Seegar, Charles T. Seitz, William G.S. Allen, John Harris; Artificers – Jos. W. Bryant, Allen Stoner, Edward B. Hart, Stephen Redson.
Privates. – James Armstrong, Henry Armprister, George Auble, William Auble, Frederick Arnet, Erastus Ames, Robt. A. Anderson, Patrick Allen, James Barnes, Milton Bassett, Silas T. Bemus, Silas Beerup, Andrew F. Birch, Stephen Blanchard, Thos. B. Blauvelt, Edw. O.H. Boose, Henry L. Boyce, Joseph Brohel, George W. Broadbent, Henry P. Brown, Joseph E. Brown, Jacob Butt, Eli H.. Burt, Hollis Barrett, Daniel Burke, William Brien, John H. Benson, Robert Burnett, Henry Beck, Thomas Boyle, Patrick Breen, William H. Blake, Penfleld Burchinal, Adam Byen, Byron Burr, Curtis Beebe, Curtis Buly, Charles Bettinger, Hosea M. Benson, John M. Clark, Andrew J. Clark, Philip Coyle, Jacob Cover, George W. Cogley, C. Cunningham, William O. Combs, John Cox, Charles Clark, Lorentus S. Cole, William F. Cline, Hart Cole, Samuel Craig, Theodore Denaere, Andrew Derringer, Andrew Day, Charles Deem, Edward DeForce, Melvin P. Demick, Eli Ditman, Daniel Donohue, William Dull, Robert Davis, Frederick Deihl, Daniel Daniels, Daniel A. Everett, Isaac B. Eaton, Houser Finton, Thomas J. Fisher, Andrew Fizell, Henry Forrey, Daniel Fry, Matthew Fry, John Fry, Henry Frickman, Wilson Frew; James Frederick, Edgar M. Foster, John Fischer, Thomas Farron, Wash. Frankford, Abner Folsmer, George B. Franklin, Richard. Groff, Augustus Gingerick, Jacob Gurdiger, Daniel Gallagher, William Gaul, Nicholas Gay, Thomas Gray, Jacob H. Grooner, John Guilm, R M. Grubb, Barton Herr, John A. Hetrick, Henry Horn, George Horn, William T. Heazlett, Jacob Hengst, John flames, Wesley Hinkle, John Harkey, James Hickey, Edmund Hart, Pat. J. Harrington, Michael Innevest, Barton A. Jacobs, Edward Jacobs, Henry Jennings, John Jarvis, Ireneous Jones, Lawrence Kauffman, George W. Kline, Edward Kipp, John Kuhns, Henry Long, John Lorenz, William Lloyd, James S. Leiser, Peter Leber, Philemon C. Lovell, George Lafayette, Edwin Lyman, William H. Larraba, Henry Martin, S.T. Mayberry, Jacob Mowrer, William Murphy, Samuel Murphy, John W. Murphy, T. McAndrews, William McKay, A.J. McCollough, Edward McGraw, William D. McLain, Thomas Murphy, Jacob Myer, Harrison McCord, Philip Miskell, Henry McIlheany, William H. Meyers, Edward Marks, John Marks, Joseph Marshall, James H. McGee, Conrad Mouse, Nervin Miller, William Murphy, Joseph Michaels, Richard McConnell, John D. McGeehan, William Nichols, Patrick O’Donnell, Adam Onstott, William Phillips, James Poleman, Courtl’d W. Potter, Jesse Reed, Robert A. Reed, Chas. L. Robinson, William G. Roper, Cornelius Robinson, Francis Ramish, Henry S. Reynolds, Josiah Reber, John Ripple, Benj. F. Roberts, Michael Robinson, William A. Rarey, Henry Robinson, Henry Ritter, Jas. A.S. Ratcliff, Salathiel Sankey, Benjamin F. Siler, Valentine Shadle, Jacob W. Stauffer, Solomon Shary, Andrew Shick, Adam Shriver, Gideon Stanley, John S. Stafford, Theoph. H. Stees, William E. Stiner, H. Stoutzenberger, Samuel Stuck, Henry Smith, Charles Stroube, Thomas Simpson, John Sullivan, Samuel H. Slifer, John Savage, Jr., Elijah Solliday, Charles Smith, John Smith, Fred. Summers, William Stahler, Tru’n W. Stafford, Edwin Spear, William Stineberger, Levi Stump, Martin Swick, D.H. Shneberger, Edwin Stees, John Tatnall, John H. Turner, W.H.H. Thompson, Joseph Townsley, Jack. M. Vanhorn, Thos. M. Watson, John H. Weidle, John Weller, George Willey, Michael Williams, William D. Woodring, John H. Wise, George Wire, John F. Wentz, John Wiley, William Worl, Frederick Weller, Jacob Weller, John S. Wade, George Wolf, Peter White, Mark Wasner, Samuel Yoder, Thomas Zules, Jacob Zimmerman.

Officers. – Captain Cyrus Diller, Captain William S. Diller, Captain Chas. L. Bittinger, First lieutenant SaMcl T. Kieckner, First lieutenant Jas. J.M. McCormick, First lieutenant Luther Y. Diller, Second. lieutenant M.T. Heintzelman, Second lieutenant James E. Gordon, First Sergt. Joseph A. Slagle, Sergt. John J. Bussler, Sergt. Benj. Minsker, Sergt. Edward K. Boyer, Sergt. Valentine Cook, Sergt. Noah Waltersdorf, Sergt. Jacob M. Duck, Sergt. Oliver R. Millhouse, Sergt. Henry D. Miller.
Corp. Jackson Williams, Corp. Obediah A. Hines, Corp. Edward Lee, Corp. Henry Strouse, Corp. William Alleman, Corp. John F. Benner, Corp. John O’Donald, Corp. William H. Friede, Corp. Joseph Stone, Corp. William Rhell, Corp. Henry Eichenger, Corp. George Frederick, Corp. Jacob Lechner, Corp. William Simpson, Corp. Oscar R. Hildreth, Corp. Ira H. Woodward, Corp. Curtis Sanders, Corp. William Cromie, Corp. Abner Aurand, Corp. Christ’r Hynicka, Corp. Henry Spect.
Privates. – Edward S. Allen, George Atkinson, William J. Berry, Zachariah Bloom, Samuel Bowersox, Andrew Brown, Horace Burchell, George Baker, Henry Bly, Frederick Boyer, Patrick Barrett, Lot Burns, Jacob Banofe, Cornelius Bollinger, Jos. Buehenmeyer, Joseph Bolander, Jacob Brown, Michael Burns, James Coxey, John Crook, Richard Collins, James Cochran, Rodney Campbell, Emerson Campbell, George Crouch, Andrew Crick, Edward Chester, Charles Caldwell, Andrew Cregar, Francis Cramer, Jeremiah Cramer, Isaac Dobbs, Thomas Dawson, George Dresher, Patrick Donahue, James A. Deitrick, Hiram Erisman, Henry Ernest, John Ernest, John A. Eline, William Fisher, John Fisher, Henry Fisher, Patrick Finn, Michael Fiedler, Jeremiah Fisher, John Garra, Daniel Gallagher, George Green, John Gross, Charles Groff, John Greenmiller, Daniel Gallagher, Josepb Gramer, John E. Hand, Jonathan Hardin, Jacob Hehr. Peter Hauser, Thomas C. Horan, Samuel Hoyman, David Hildebrand, Lewis Hall, George Hallenbach, John Hamlin, Fred’k Hendricks, George Holtzman, James Hughes, Charles Helsby, Morris Hickard, William Irvine, Benjamin Jones, Harvey Joslin, Morris Jackson, James Karney, Henry King, Thomas Kelley, George Koch, Mich’l Krinbechin, Noah Klinefelter, Uriah Krebbs, Isadore Kreever, David King, Moses Kister, Joshua Knedle, William Kantner, Charles W. Lawson, Amos F. Leschey, Martin Long, William Langhrey, William Lyons, Henry Lamberton, Chas. Lewensdorf, Thomas Martin, John W. Moyer, Joseph L. Moyer, Charles Meyer, SaMcl Musselman, Isadore Markard, Isaac Musselman, Stephen Maroney, William Mummert, Jacob Morningstar, Henry Morningstar, Isaac Miller, James Miller, John Miller, Daniel Meyer, Matthew McDonald, John McGlaughlin, Thomas McAdams, John McCaley, John Nolan, Henry Petzold, Maris Piccard, Thomas Powell, Cornelius Price, John Pollard, Christian Packard, John Pfarr, William K. Parker, James Quirk, William Raub, Thomas Reily, Franklin M. Roberts, William Roberts, William Reuhenbach, John C. Rhell, Adams C. Reinoehl, Lewis Rake, Charles M. Reilley, Frederick Sanders, Robert Smith, Samuel Stitzan, Frederick Swartz, George Sickel, William Sickel, Charles W. Smith, Charles Snyder, James A. Stewart, Henry Sherwood, H. Schmidtman, William Shiver, Fred’k R. Smith, Edward Shaffer, McAge Slade, Joseph Spitz, Henry Schmidt, Robert Slutman, James P. Tracey, Adam Varner, George Veitengruber, Hugh Walkar, Lewis Walton, Lewis Wambaugh, Dallas Watson, Andrew Warner, John Wilson, Pius Wonner,George W. Wilson, Solomon Williams, James Wiltner, Jacob Wendle, Wesley Wagner, Rob’t Wittenmeyor, Henry Yocum, John Yorger, John Zett.
Officers. – Captain Henry C. McIntyre, Captain Jacob J. Young, Captain Frank J. Magee, Captain Harrison Stair, First lieutenant Joseph H. Ensign, First lieutenant Paris Rudisill, Second lieutenant J.W. Morningstar, First Sergt William H. Zeigler, First Sergt. Henry Birnstock, Sergt. John Loucks, Sergt. John Lee, Sergt. Henry Haines, Sergt. Dan. Lichtenberger, Sergt. Robt. Smith, Sergt. Elias Spangler, Sergt. Silas M. Smith, Corp. David R. Palmer, Corp. William Naef, Corp. Henry Reicherd, Corp. Jacob. Campman, Corp. John H. Simmons, Corp. Leander Lewis, Corp. George D. Zeigler, Corp. Sigmund Myers, Corp. Albert H. Mann, Corp. William H. Albright, Corp. Joseph London,. Corp. Andrew B. Frey, Corp. Ira H. Woodward, Corp. Henry James, Corp. William H. Smith, George Biernan, musician.
Privates. – Isaac Adams, Pherick Adams, Julius Bentz, Levi Berkenheiser, Andrew Bechtol, Edwin B. Burr, Jeremiah. Bowser, Porter Bender, Thomas Burrows, John Bruner, Hiram E. Bixler, John W. Baum, William Blanck, Jr., James E. Barnitz, Charles J. Beals, Patrick Cawley, Stephen Crumay, James Coslow, Michael Conroy, James Connelly, William H. Carlington, John Cook, Dennis Curtin, William J. Carver, Samuel Dellinger, Joseph Dunham, Anthony Dorman, James A. Decker, John Duncan, Andrew J. Duden, Edwin C. Duncan, George Deitz, Francis Doonan, William H. Fishel, John Fry, Patrick Fargus, George Foust, Rufus B. Frank, Patrick Finne, James Frederick, Edward Fournace, Harvey Ford, Michael Golden, William Gray, John M. Gompf, Frederick Guyer, James B. Gamble, Leo Gleason, Daniel Heffner, H.M. Hullenbaugh, Janus P. Horton, John Hetz, Francis M. Hudson, Edmund Heikus, John Hoffmaster, James Hogan, Michael Hullihen, Calvin Harris, Edwin Harris, Jacob Hulsinger, John Jocobs, William Jones, George Johnston, William Joseph, Patrick Kelley, Francis Kane, Rudy Kennard, Edward Keister, John Lippy, Anthony Leiban, James Lowe, Frederick Lumber, Morris Lent, Peter Lynot, Samuel Law, Franklin Lyman, William Lewis, Charles Lorick, Samuel Minchan, Charles Martin, Patrick Middleton, Charles Markle, Henry Matteson, Michael Miller, Henry Murray, Samuel B. Moore, Samuel Medlow, John J. Miller, Michael McDermot, Charles McGenley, John Oertel, James K. Oatman, John O’Brien, John Powers, Thomas E. Palmer, George Peters, James S. Patterson, Edmund Peters, William K. Pomeroy, Thos. J. Pennington, Bernard Roberts, Percival Romberger, John W. Reynolds, George Rhine, Henry Reatz, Samuel S. Rogers, Alexander Rider, William F. Reisinger, John Reed, Jesse Rhodes, John Stough, Enoch Sweesey, John C. Spencer, James Slack, John F. Snyder, David Shook, Robert Sutton, Stephen Sybert, Reuben Stough, John Sandford,, Isaac Sears, John Sharp, Frederick Sultybaugh, David Savage, Daniel Sloat, John J. Stengle, Thomas Stevens, G.W. Shenberger, Oscar B. Stearns, Reuben Snell, Peter Thompson, Byron Turner, Sydney W. Thomas, Henry Thompson, Jesse Weiser, Roland Wilcox, Henry Wooley, James Wiseman, James Willis, Henry H. Writer, Adam Weaver, Louis Welsh, George Warner, John Weigel, Jacob Weigel, James Walsh, Pardon Welsh, Enoch Wood, Eli Wilhelm, George White, Wesley L. Webster, Henry Zorger, Samuel Zell, John Zeigler.

Field and Staff Officers. – Col. George Hay, Col. John W. Schall, Col. James Tearney, Lt. Col. James A. Stahle, Maj. Charles H. Buehler, Maj. Noah G. Ruhl, Adj. Jacob Emmitt, Jr., Adj. A. M. Martin, ,Adj. George C. Stroman, Adj. William C. Waldman, Quartermaster Peter Ford, Quartermaster James Hersh, Quartermaster William E. Culp, Surgeon William H. McCurdy, Surgeon David F. MeKinney, Surgeon Theo A. Helwig, Assistant Surgeon Harris C. Steadman, Assistant Surgeon B.J. Campbell, Assistant Surgeon Nicholas M. Hoover, Chaplain James A. Brown, Chaplain John F. Baird, Chaplain David C. Eberhart; Sergeant-Majors – Joseph Welsh, Findlay I. Thomas, C.H. Stallman, Rob’t Slaymaker, Franklin Geise, Charles P. Stroman; Quartermaster Sergeants – Albert Ford, Daniel Bonge, First; Commissary Sergeants – Michael Smyser, William McGonigal; Hospital Stewards – John A. Weakley, Sample P. Gable; Principal Musicians – Lewis J. Renant, George Kraus, John Deiner, Joshua Happoldt, James C. Maguire.
Officers. – Captains – James A. Stahle, John Fahs, James Tearney, George J. Chalfant; First Lieutenants – Jacob Hay, Jr., John F. Spangler, Lewis Rasch; Second Lieutenants – William Bierbower, Chas. P. Stroman; First Sergeant – Alexander Kipp; Sergeants – Frederick Hubley, Elijah Francis, Joseph Berkheimer, William F. Zorger, Henry Shultz, George Tawser, John J. Schall, Lewis Frey, Benj. F. Frick, Edward Monaghan; Corporals – Joseph Hare, Jeremiah Carbaugh, Reynolds Pilgrim, Charles Metzger, William Brubaker, Chas. A. Laumaster, Alfred Jameson, Harrison Heidler, Daniel Bonge, First, Charles Dennis, Rob’t S. Slaymaker, S. Baumgardner, William F. Smith; Musician – Franklin Barnhart.
Privates. – Samuel Andrews, Howard Andrews, Jos. G.W. Burns, Christian Ball, Hend’n Barefield, John Barefield, Simon Bendon, John C. Baker, Reuben Bertzfield, John Bittinger, John Berry, Edwin Beitzel, Frederick Bonge, Alexander Brown, Peter Bott, John Brown, George Butterbaugh, John H. Brown, Richard Brown, Chauncy Breed, Alex’r Bushdorf, Daniel Bonge, Second, Eman’l Coleman, James B. Cassidy, Jacob Clapper, Edward Carr, Martin Dissinger, Henry H. Denlinger, William Dennis, Charles Dellinger, Alfred Enrick, Christian Eiseman, Samuel Evans, Henry Everhart, Henry A. Ensigner, Hugh Emery, John W. Filler, Julius Feige, William Felty, Abraham Frick, Jacob Fritz, George Feathers, Oliver Fissel, Henry Fink, Hamilton Fahs, Jacob Glassmyer, Henry Ginter, Charles Gotwalt, James Galloway, Samuel Ginter, Sample P. Gable, Jackson Hunter, George Hite, David Hinkle, Martin Herbstritt, William Holkamp, David Hoke, Milton H. Hamilton, John Hoover, Philip Hersch, Charles Hyde, James Hawkins, Henry Hamme, T. Hendrickson, James Hudson, John Hugo, William H. Ilgenfritz, James Irwin, George Johnson, Daniel G. Keasey, Michael Kessler, David Kohr, William Kahill, Henry Keller, James Keller, Stephen Keller, Harrison Kramer, John Kipp, George Koch, George Knodel, Fidelle Keller, Benj. H. Lintner, Daniel Laumaster, Henry Lilly, Andrew Luft, Joseph Lark, Andrew Miller, Michael Myers, William Moffitt, George Miller, Jr., George Miller, Sr., George Miller, John A. Morgan, Michael Marva, Samuel Miles, William Morgan, Jacob McWilliarns, Jos. H. McClintick, William Mc Cleary, Hazzard P. McClure, John McCluskey, Daniel McBride, Henry Neiman, George Noel, Jacob Philips, Stephen L. Parks, George Platts, Henry C. Pentz, Henry Poleman, James Patterson, Hugh Quinn, Abraham Rhodes, Simon Richey, Amos Rupert, Thomas Rutledge, George Rhinehart, Luke Rouse, Thaddeus Robinson, Joseph Richey, William H. Rice, Abraham Rhodes, J. Shellenberger, Joseph Seninger, Charles Seeman, John H. Stauffer, George W. Seichrist, Jacob Shrom, Abraham Smith, George Strayer, William Shuman, Herman Sauppe, Charles Spahr, Emanuel Smith, Joseph Stroup, William Schriver, Charles Snyder, John Shillenberg, Samuel Stoner, Lewis M. Smith, Jacob Shadel, Michael Tomes, Henry Thompson, Jacob S. Upp, James Wilson, Henry Wise, Jacob P. Wise, John W. Weller, Samuel W. Weller, Peter Witman, John H. Winters, John H. Wolf, John F. Welsh, William Zechman, Ed. Zimmerman, Daniel Zellers, Martin Zeigler, Jacob F. Zeigler.
Officers. – Captain Jacob Detwilter, Captain Lewis Maish, Captain Zeph. E. Hersh, First lieutenant John Crull, First lieutenant George C. Stroman, First lieutenant James Tearney, First lieutenant Edward F. Coe; Second lieutenant Robert K. Slagle; First Sergt. Milton J.Yeager, First Sergt. Samuel F, Keller, First Sergt. Henry Epley; Sergt. David N. Thomas, Sergt. William K. Parker, Sergt. George W. Schriver, Sergt. James S. Grimes, Sergt. Theo. A. Gardner, Sergt. Edward T. Rudy, Sergt. William Drabenstad, Sergt. Sobieski Leib, Sergt. Robert D. Greer, Sergt. William Walters; Corp. Aug. Winegardner, Corp. Henry C. Shatzler, Corp. Jacob Harman, Corp. Thomas Malone, Corp. John G. Motter, Corp. Frank M. Peters, Corp. Joseph M. Funk, Corp. John A. Mathias, Corp. Lucas Shurer, Corp. William H. Zorger, Corp. John A. Hiney, Corp. Samuel Madlam, Corp. John Smith, Corp. John Lees, Corp. John Snyder, Corp. William Lefever, Corp. George Toomey, Corp. Daniel W. Keiter, Musicians William C. Barringer, John Walzer.
Privates. – Bernard Atrogge, Edward T. Ayers, John Arnold, Andrew M. Ball, Samuel Bare, Chas. Bartholomew, Daniel Blouse, Robert J. Boyd, Thomas Burns, Adam Bluste, Montgomery Boush, William R. Byers, Ephraim Bankart, Robert Burge, Jonathan Barnitz, John Bently, John Callan, William Connelly, William Cotton, Harris J. Cook, Richard Crone, James E. Corl, John Clune, Addison Christ, William Carroll, Moses Coble, David Clarenden, Charles H. Carter, John Dorfort, Christopher Drake, Frank Drabenstadt, Lewis H. Diehl, Eli Diehl, Benneville C. Epler, William Eicholtz, Jacob P. Epler, Wilson Evans, James A. Fellers, Silas Fisher, Jeremiah Foor, George Fecher, Robert Falmer, William Griffith, Daniel Gauntz, Frederick Glazier, Levi Gastrock, John Gallagher, Benson Hanks, William Hoover, John A. Houck, Joseph Hummel, Samuel Hursh, Mathias Hull, Michael Heiman, John Hurley, John F. Hunter, John Herrold, Joseph C. Hann, Lewis Hanig, George Hann, James Hayes, George Henderson, David Henderson, Edward Jones, William B. Jones, Jacob Johnson, Charles Kueller, Jacob Kineman, James Kendrick, Cyrus W. Kipple, Jacob Karstetler, James Logan, Edward Lewis, Abraham Lonkart, Jacob Lewis, Henry H. Lenhart, James A. Long, W. Luckenbaugh, Thomas W. Lucas, David Moore, James Morrison, William Miller, Levi Mansberger, Franklin Milliken, Silas Mattis, John Myres, W. Meisenhelter, Andrew Mummert, Jefferson Mort, Peter Myres, Rannell McDonald, Joseph McElroy, Jacob McCoy, William McClane, Thomas J. McIlvain, David Nagle, Oriel G. Newell, George Nicholas, Urias R. Nichols, Alexander Nauss, John A. Noel, James Oren, John Oxenrider, Samuel Payler, Jay E. Preston, Thomas Price, John Plain, John Powers, Ackinson Powell, Gideon Quickel, Richard Quinn, Frederick Reidhinger, James Richardson, Adam Roush, Jacob Roush, Abraham Roat, George W. Rouch, William Ramsey, John K. Rupp, Adam Renninger, Henry H. Richard, John Roozell, Elisha Snow, John C. Shrom, Augustus Snyder, John C. Simmons, William F. Spayd, Bernard Smith, Levi Spangler, Thomas S. Smith, Thomas Sayers, John Schmuck, John Sheets, Thomas Updegrove, John Voglesong, Nathaniel Veoman, William W. Watson, William Weaver, Thomas Williams, Henry W. Woalden, Henry C. Welker, Augustus Wise, Henry Wilhelm, Gottleib Wertz, Andrew B. Williams, Thomas Watts, Thomas Webster, James Wilson, Francis M. York, Samuel Zartman,, George Zorger, Peter F. Zorger, David Zook, Isaac U. Zorger.
Officers. – Captain Andrew J. Fulton, Captain Murray S. Cross, Captain Findlay I. Thomas, First lieutenant Samuel Saylor, First lieutenant William E. Culp, First lieutenant Jonathan J. Keesey, Second lieutenant William E. Patterson, Second lieutenant Chas. H. Stallman, Second lieutenant Isaac Wagner, Second lieutenant Ramsay Hannagan, First Sergt. Andrew J. Wetzel, First Sergt. H.F. Waltemeyer, Sergt. Jefferson Martin, Sergt. Josiah Landen, Sergt. John Aker, Sergt. Jacob Huntzberger, Sergt. William A. Haack, Sergt. Adam H. Carman, Sergt. Hays Edie, Sergt. Adam H. Stiffer, Sergt. John C. Brown, Sergt. Eli Ream, Corp. Eli Ream, Corp. Artemus Hildebrand, Corp. Morris J. Powell, Corp. Ephraim Stouffer, Corp. Rufus Grim, Corp. Elijah B. Gibson, Corp. Henry Linn, Corp. Samuel F. Nevin, Corp. James L. Handley, Corp. Francis A. Hersey, Corp. Pius N. Minnick, Corp. Steward Griffith, Corp. Samuel B. Ruhl, Corp. Isaiah Hoff; Joseph Reinhart, musician, Greenberry Loyel, musician, Jacob H. Snyder, musician, James C. Maguire, musician.
Privates. -Thomas Applegate, Beniah K. Anstine, William Anderson, George Armbuster, James Bates, James E. Barnes, Edward Bilby, Henry H. Bortner, William H. Breneman, Henry E. Blaney, Thomas Bull, Oram G. Blake, John N. Blausser, Jesse Beck, Henry Breal, James Bell, John B. Burke, Frederick Bush, William J. Case, Jacob Covolt, Samuel Cross, William Clement, Henry W. Comfort, John A. Crowl, Thomas O. Crowl, David S. Carbaugh, John Calvin, George Duttenheiffer, Martin Davis, Daniel Dice, Van Buren Danner, John E. Edie, John Ensig, Edgar C. Farnham, Richard M. Fisher, Samuel Flinn, Richmond Flinn, Jeremiah Flinn, Lewis C. Frey, David G. Fulton, Porter Fluck, Eli Farrer, William Glancy, Jacob Grove, Absalom Gardner, Anthony Grim, Samuel Glassmyer, William Ging, Thomas Guinn, Robert Gemmill, Henry Hibler, Alexander Housiell, Conrad Hank, Joseph H. Himes, C. Hauseholder, William Housiell, Michael Hose, James Hays, Enoch C. Hartman, Michael Hostler, Andrew Isenbaugh, Harris Jenkins, Jacob J. Kragle, Henry Krider, Henry Kohler, Joseph Kook, Robert Keech, Oliver Keesey, N.J. Klindinst, Samuel D. Louck, John Loucks, William Lutz, John Meltzheimer, Jacob Moore, Thomas H. Mills, Paris A. Minnick, Andrew D. Meyers, Valentine Meyers, Daniel March, Barnabas Moutooth, John Murphy, John Mangle, Frank Mc Guigan, John Mc Girk, Norris McGirk, John McGuigan, Samuel D. McGinley, Henry Noel, George H. Ochell, William Pennington, William H. Poet, F. Pfaffenbaugh, Michael Poet, John Poet, Timothy Perry, D. Rogers, George Riddle, Peter Ream, Frederick Rinehart, Adam Ream, Zach Reichard, John Rinehart, Andrew Shive, James Shopstone, Franklin Seip, John Stroup, Philip Song, Charles D. Snyder, Franklin Stump, David Saylor, Levi Snyder, Jacob Sheets, Henry Shaffer, John B. Shadle, Jonathan Stoner, Daniel Spotts, Jesse Snyder, Granville Switzer, Ephraim Strayer, Isaac Tome, James Tarbet, Jas. A. Thompson, Levi Tyson, William H. Varian, Peter Venety, Isaac Wagner, William H. Witters, John White, Eli White, David A. Wilson, Patrick Whalen, William Waltemeyer, Rolandus Wagner, David Wallis, William Waight, M. Waltemeyer, Henry Wagner, James H. Weakley, J.C. Waltemeyer, Michael Wasbes, John Weaver, William H. Warden, Ferdinand Zeigel.
Officers. – Captains – Noah G. Ruhl, James Blasser, Edgar N. Ruhl; First Lieutenants – Peter Ford, George Blasser, Andrew G. Shull; Second Lieutenants – Henry Seitz, William H.H. Welsh, Benjamin D. Dull, Samuel W. Keasey, William C. Waldman; First Sergeants – J.R. Nonemaker, James B. Beck; Sergeants – Henry Stine, Emanuel Ludwig, William T. Moorhead, John Keller, James H. Hendrix, Robert McDonnell, James Grove, Henry Hildebrand, Joseph Ashley; Corporals – William S. Stewart; Henry Shultz, Adam Shaffer, Henry Spicer, Henry Smith, Joseph Fox, Clayton Hartman, And. J. Almony, Nathaniel Z. Seitz, Newton Krow, John T. Allison, Squire Bamford, Franklin Geise, Charles W. Moore, Leonard W. Watson, Joseph F. Welsh, Henry N. Bailey, Henry C. Young; Musicians – Lewis J. Renant, George W. Almony.
Privates. – Charles R. Allison, Henry Albright, Valentine Anstine, George Armer, Jeremiah Bittner, Edward J. Bittner, Francis Bittner, Samuel Brooks, John Beitzel, George W. Brenize, George Bollinger, Esau Bailey, William Bodein, Ephraim Bailey, William Butcher, William Beverson, Jacob Brown, John Burage, Israel Baublitz, Henry W. Bowers, Owen Bishop, John Coffey, John Crichfield, Franklin Cayton, James Clark, Horace J. Crook, William Connelly, Solomon Deal, John Dunn, Frederick Dolla, Levi W. Dubs, John Dettinger, William H. Douglass, Peter W. Deckman, Frank Dittenheffer, George W. Eaton, John W. Ettinger, Conrad Eckert, William Eaton, John Edwards, John Ferdinand, Francis Fallenstine, Charles Fagan, Adam Glock, Edward Gafferny, Jos. A. Gladfelter, Jonathan Gable, Jeremiah Grove, Sylvester Golding, James Gordon, Jerome Herr, William Haley, Henry Hartman, Peter Hedrick, Albert D. Hartman, John Henn, Isaac Hedrick, Frederick Hanke, Henry Hildebrand, Lewis V. Holter, Lewis J. Humm, Joseph Hoffman, Amos Innearst, Solomon Innearst, Granville Jackson, Nathaniel Jackson, William Kuentzler, Patrick Kelly, Joseph H. Keiley, Albert J. Kelly, Lewis C. Klinedinst, Alexander Klinedinst, Isaac Krout, Jno. W. Klinefelter, Daniel M. Keasey, Augustus Kauffman, Nicholas Leopold, Franklin Lentz, Jacob E. Lowe, Adam Leicht, John Leopold, Joseph T. Little, Henry H. Miller, Max Myers, Jacob H. Miller, Lewis Miller, Peter Miller, George Matson, Ludwig Miller, Francis Midwig, Wil1iam H. Metcalf, Jonathan S. May, James K. Muntis, John Mitzel, James H. Moody, Henry Marta, Jacob N. Marsh, James McCorrnick, Allen Mc Gee, John McConnell, John. C. Mc Cay, Emanuel Nell, Amos Ness, Samuel Overlander, John A. Orwig, Ignatius Olversdaffer, Milton Randall, Cyrus Reher, Jacob Ruth, Owen Robison, Elias H. Redding, Robert J. Rinehart, Peter G. Reever, Charles Rothbirth, William J. Shaffer, F.H. Suidmiller, Frederick Shoffstall, James Seeley, John Sharkey, John Swope, John Swearer, George Snyder, Charles P. Saxton, Peter Shoemaker, Jarius Shockey, Jacob Spotts, John Sherwood, John Smith, Michael Scheel, John Shaffer, Christian Style, James Scollard, Abraham Test, James Thorne, William Wolf, Jacob J. Wintrode, Daniel Williams, Henry Williams, Emanuel Wilderson, John H. Wike, Frederick Weinreich, John G. Weaver, L.W. Waltemyer, William Wagner, Stephen M. Wilson, Thomas Williams, George E. Yingling.
Officers. – Captain Solomon Myers, Captain Charles J. Fox, First lieutenant William F. Frank, First lieutenant Isaac Hull, First lieutenant Alex’r Strick1er, First lieutenant Peter Nichol, First Sergt. Isaac G. Simmons, First Sergt. Benjamin D. Dull, Sergt. Daniel P. Reigle, Sergt. Henry A. Zercher, Sergt. George Blotcher, Sergt. William H. Gray, Sergt. Frederick Bridling, Sergt. William Baum, Sergt. John W. Coover, Sergt. Benjamin J. King, Sergt. Michael Bitter, Sergt. William D. Holtzworth, Corp. John H. Baughman, Corp. Samuel Cramer, Corp. Chas. W. Schultz, Corp. Henry H. Smith, Corp. Henry Welcomer. Corp. Henry Streater, Corp. Albert D. Stouffer, Corp. Henry Smith, Corp. George Bruner, Corp. John Danner, Corp. Daniel Whitenight, Corp. Daniel N. Boose, Corp. W.N. Aughenbaugh, Corp. Albert Ford, Corp. John G. Bobb, Corp. John E. Snyder; Bertram Ilgenfritz, musician; Samuel Sprenkle, musician; Joshua Happoldt, musician.
Privates. – William Brison, James Bowers, Samuel Bender, Jefferson Brunner, Samuel Bricker, Eli Bear, Elias Byerts, George Buzby, John Bridling, C. Brenneman, William H. Brunner, William Berner, John R. Baker, Edward. Beaverson, John N. Bruno, George Bettinger, John Cousler, David A. Cornman, Alexander Crouch, John Crone, Levi M. Coover, Edward Callahan, Roland Dixon, Julius Dudeck, Henry Dellinger, Benj. F. Eshleman, John Everhart, Jacob G. Eppley, Samuel Fisher, Peter W. Fry, Abraham Fox, Peter Free, Peter Farrel, Samuel B. Gray, Herman Gerht, Frederick Gerth, Cyrus M. Gipe, Joseph Grove, Peter Gipp, Edward Gipp, Jacob Gray, Jocob Horlbein, F.O. Hendricks, James S. Huber, Charles Hoover, Lewis Haupt, John Hoffman, William Hassinger, Moses M. Huber, William Harris, William Hamper, Augustus Hemple, William Ilgenfnitz, David L. Jones, George Johns, Augustus Keiser, George Kahler, A.G. Kauffman, Aaron Keesey, Casper H. Klefman, William Krebb, George Kraus, Henry Kidd, Charles B. Little, George T. Little, William Long, George Long, John E. Lutz, Jas. H. Moorhead, Henry Myers, William Miller, Joseph Mack, Andrew Miller, Benjamin Minnich, George S. Markel, Henry Miller, James E. Mundorff, Samuel R. Miller, Paul Mosebaugh, John W. Moses, Charles March, Joseph B. Murphy, William Myers, John McLaughlin, John McDonald, Thomas Neely, Edward Owens, Sig’d Powermaker, Joshua Peeling, Isaac Plank, Jacob G. Palmer, John Quickel, George W. Reed, George Robison, Augustus Rodewick, Valentine bush, Wilson Rupp, John C. Rupert, Jacob Rice, Jesse D. Snyder, Frederick Snyder, SaMcl Shoemaker, John C. Shultz., James Sensabaugh, Daniel Stouffer, Alfred A. Shaffer, Thomas Shaffer, John F.W. Shultz, Henry Sipe, Frank Stininger, William Strater, Philip M. Shive, Peter Slyder, Augustus Shultz, Aaron Stahl, Fred’k Stegenmyer, Milton Spichert, Henry Snyder, Peter W. Seig, John Treadway, Royal Wykoff, Robert Waters, Fred’ d Witmyor, Wilhelm Winzer, Michael Welsh, William Wennerhold, Peter Weaver, George A. Welsh, William M. Wolf, Charles Werner, Herman Wentz, Jacob Witmer, Henry B. Wilkinson, Christian Wagner, Henry H. Warden.
Officers. – Captains – Vincent C.S. Eckert, H. Morningstar; First Lieutenant – Robert A. Daniel; Second Lieutenant – William C. Waldman ; Sergeant – William F. Eckert, Chas. F. Ropp, Isaac Wagner, George W. Stine, Daniel L. Welsh Corporals – Jacob Shultz, John L. Kunkle, Andrew G. Shull, Henry Stine, SaMc l W. Keasey, William T. Moorhead, John Keller, L.W. Watson, Charles W. Moore, John A. Eaton; Musicians – Howard Stahl, Lewis J. Renant.
Privates. – Henry Armprister, Martin Austin, Charles Booth, SaMcl Burkheimer, John Bupp, Owen Bishop, Thomas Callen, John Dunn, John Deeper, Henry Everhart, John W. Ettinger, Jacob W. Evans, Henry Faik, Joseph Fox, John Ferdinand, Jacob Fry, Daniel P. Fries, Robert S. Friches, Valentine Grove, Adam Glock, Philip Grove, Oliver Glassmyer, Sylvester Golding, William R. How, William Hampton, James H. Hooper, John C. Hoffman, Lewis J. Humm, Clayton Hartman, Jerome Herr, Conrad Hoover, C. Himmelwright, George Hodges, Thomas Ilgenfritz, William Irwin, John Jacobs, David P. Kerr, L.J. Klinedinst, Daniel M. Keasey, William Kuentzler, Augus’s Kauffman, Valentine Kisner, William H. Lafever, Jno. Litchanberger, Samuel Law, Peter K. Law, George Livingston, Benedict P. Myers, A. Morningstar, Jacob H. Miller, Lewis Miller, George Matson, Samuel C. Moore, Patrick McCabe, Conrad Nichol, William Newman, Henry Norwig, Samuel W. Parks, Jacob Reed, John A. Russ, Jacob Ruth, Milton Randall, Charles Rose, Henry Ruhl, John Stahl, Calvin Stahl, John Snyder, George Sweitzer, Daniel Stine, Henry Stroman, Henry Spicer, Fred’k Schoflstall, Henry Shultz, Abraham Test, Henry Tyson, John A.Wilt, Joseph F. Welsh, Jacob J. Wintrode, William Wolf, William Wagner, Silas C. Yingling, George E. Yingling, Jonathan Yeaple.
Officers. – Captains – Ross L. Harman, Wells A. Farrah, Philip Gentzler. First Lieutenants – R.S. Slaymaker, Andrew B. Smith, Daniel P. Dietrich, William E. Culp. Second Lieutenants – John L. Shillitto, Harvey J. Harman, M.S. Slothower, Isaac Wagner. First Sergeant, Earnst G. Henkel; Sergeants, George A. Mowrer, Henry Z. Bowman, Jacob H. Hoffer, Jacob M. Herr, John M. Griffith. Corporals – John C. Kesser, Daniel Smith, William Gill, David Pentz, John Naugle, Benj. S. Kauffmann, Abraham B. Coble, Joseph B. Hobson, Joseph Henry, John Denues, George L. Shugars. Musicians – George B. Lightz, Michael D. Aker, Joseph Reinhart.
Privates. – William Anderson, George S. Anderson. Daniel Arnsberger, John Aker, Frederick Brecht, Philip S. Barnes. Michael Brickner, Albert T. Barnes, John Bochoffer. Ephraim Coble, Christian C. Coble, Samuel Cassal, Thomas O. Crowl, Henry W. Comfort, George C. Carroll, John A. Cooley, Frederick Dietrich, Tempest L. Forrer, Israel. Firestone, Eli Forrer, Jos. Fansnaught, John Good, Peter Gardner, Alfred M. Hunter, John Hoffman, Jacob B. High, Jacob Huntzberger, William Hartman, Lewis Henica, Samuel Johnson, James A. Kerr, Wesley F. Keller, John W. Keller, N.J. Klinedinst, Augustus Keiser, Gee. L. Litz, Jesse R. Lentz, Josiah Landen, Peter Martin, Francis J. Moore, Andrew D. Myers, Jefferson Martin, Jacob Moore, Valentine Myers, Daniel March, David, M. McClellan, SaMcl D. McGinley, Henry Noel, George Prowell, Gacob H. Peters, Chas. E. Pederson, John L. Bitter, Daniel Runk, Martin Reinhart, William B. Ramsey, John Robinson, Alexander Raver, John W. Smith, Jeremiah Spahr, John A. Sibbet, Reuben Stough, William G. Small, Jacob B. Slothower, Lafayette Schlosser, Henry Snyder, Ephraim Stouffer, Andrew Shive, Henry Shaffer, George Sherman, John K. Shive, Henry Smallbrook, Emanuel Troup, Edward Wise, Daniel S. Mickey, Rolandus Wagoner, Anthony Wolf, Peter H. Zell.
Officers. – Captains – John W. Schall, John Albright. First Lieutenant – John E,. McIlvain, Charles F. Haack. Second Lieutenant – Jacob Emmitt, Jr., Charles P. Stroman. First Sergeant – Charles Busey. Sergeants – Lewis R. Haack, Franklin Ginter, William H. Schriver, George W. Welsh, William Marckley, David Fox, William Clapper. Corporals – Peter S. Baum, Jerome Heidler, Michael S. Deringer, Samuel Decker, M. Morningstar, Cornelius Fecker, George Gibbons, Christian List, Lawrence Kerber, John A. Weakley. Musicians – John Holder, Chas. J. Barnitz.
Privates. – Eli Brown, Henry Billinger, Ulrich Blockinger, John Blockinger, George H.C. Brant, Thomas Z. Burse, John Barry, John V. Beck, John W. Carey, Dennis Crimmons, Jacob Clopper, Henry Dobbins, William H Dixon, Josiah Diehl, Jacob Dobler, Jacob Diehl, William H. Eppley, William Emenheiser, G.R. Elchelberger, Samuel Fox, Nathaniel Foust, John W. Filler, Jacob Fobs, Matthew Foos, Alexander Greeson, John Glosser, Nicholas A. Hahn, John B. Hanson, Joseph H. Helker, Joseph A. Heidler, David Hoffman, William H. Ilgenfritz, William A. Knudson, Conrad Kissenger, Henry Kissner, John C. Koons, Jacob Koons, Daniel G. Keasey, John Kendig, John H. Kendig, Levi Kendig, Jacob J. Kunkle, William Lesh, Jacob List, John List, William Laucs, William Monaghan, Henry Miller, David McCreary, John Mc Cormick, Charles Odenwalt, Rudol’s Patterson, Thomas Palley, Hugh Quinn, John Runk, William Ramsom, Simon Roth, Samuel Ruth, Martin Ronscher, Lewis Rasch, Frederick Rehm, John Rudolph, Henry Stratmyer, Harrison Spangler, Henry C. Spangler, E. Shanerbrook, Isaac Sweeney, John Stallman, George W. Seichrist, Benjamin Snyder, George W. Simons, Benjamin Tyson, Thomas J. Taylor, Nath’l Thompson, John Wilson, John H. Wolf, P. Woodmansee.

Privates. – David Fox, Christopher Fox, W.J. Kirk, George E. Sherwood, Lewis A. Trone, George W. Thomas.
Officers. – Captain – George Shipp. First Lieutenant – Jefferson M. John. Second Lieutenant – Owen M. Fowler. Sergeants – C.H. Crosthwaite, James Harris, Henry W. Burns, Azariah Campbell, Henry Shipp. Corporals – Henry P. Raup, Ephraim P. Faulk, John L. Lehman, John Hancock, Thomas Harris, Thaddeus S. Ready, John Harris, Neil McIsaac. Musician – Daniel Wenrich.
Privates. – Ephraim N. Anker, Orrin B. Bolton, John Breatz, William Base, James Buggy, Henry Basin, William Culp, Benjamin Christ, Valentine Clark, George W. Campbell, Christian Deets, Adam Denk, Ambrose Dettery, John Detzler, Henry K. Erdman, William Fogle, Joseph K. Fry, Amos Fanesworth, Henry W. Fry, Henry G. Fry, Samuel Frederick, George K. Fagely, Eli S. Grubb, Perry Grubb, Aaron Henninger, Morgan A. Jones, John Jones, George W. Kreiger, Daniel Kashner, George Kramer, Simon Kramer, Charles H. Leibig, George H. Leibig, William Lefflee, Amos M. Mitchell, George A.. Miller, Christian Miller, Charles Miller, Alexander Mowrer, Ebenezer Matthews, Charles Marks, William Mitchell, John Murray, Samuel McDowell, James Noringer, William Ready, Andrew Rinehart, Edmund Rocke, John Rudisill, John Rocke, Jacob Smink, Christian Snyder, Isaac Sawer, Theodore Salters, Jonathan S. Sharp, Cyrus B. Salters, George Shock, Jacob Shock, Lewis S. Stine, Tillman Shrawder, Edwin O. Treibley, Andrew Tally, William Tharp, Benjamin F. Week, Joseph K. Week, John Weir, John Weidenhafer, Christian Warner, David E. Winriche, Thomas Wright, Jacob Yeager.
Officers. – Captain – Emanuel Herman. First Lieutenant – Edmund Rutter. Second Lieutenant – Charles W.P. Collins. Sergeants – Jacob H. Smith, Joseph N. Reed, William Rhoads, James Shaub, David Hoffman. Corporals – Benjamin F. Tyson, John A. Beitzel, Charles Markle, August F. Gotwalt, Cyrus A. Shaub, S.M. Livingston, Abraham Hayes, Joseph Soule. Musicians – Malcohn O. Smith, Francis Tredway.
Privates. – Henry Arnold, William Arnold, Franklin Bender, Augustus C. Bell, David J. Barnett, Elias Blouse, Reuben Blouse, William L. Bentzel, Leonard Bruder, Isaac Beoker, James R. Blaney, David W. Day, F. Emenheisor, David Ellis, Samuel Flury, John V. Gemmill, Harris Gingerich, Ephraim Good, Jonathan Gable, Henry Givins, Joseph Grim, David Hoover, Jonathan Hildebrand, Benjamin F. Harting, Amos M. Herman, Solomon D. Johnson, Adam King, Daniel Knaub, Benjamin Knaub, Henry Krebs, William Kilgore, Israel Kling, Valentine Keizer, Edward A. Keasey, George Kauffman, Jacob Lyman, Joseph Loucks, William Leightner, Joseph Lower, Henry Malehorn, Levi Malehorn, Emanuel Myers, John C. Miller, Joseph A. Murphy, Alexander Monroe, James F. McKinley, Noah Ness, C. Overlander, Hugh C. Patterson, Jacob Poat, John Reichart, Samuel Reichart, Samuel Bichcreek, Samuel R. Rinehold, Milton Ray, Henry H. Shoff, George Seipe, Henry Smith, William E. Smith, John Stephens, William Shultz, John Snyder, James Steward, Henry Trout, Henry Tschop, James Taylor, John Taylor, George Wrey, Emanuel Warner, Adam S. Warner, Philip Welty, John Wanghtel, Henry Wilhelm.
Officers. – Captains – Jacob Dorsheimer, Theo. K. Scheffer, Samuel Lyon; First Lieutenant -Oliver P. Stair; Second Lieutenant – George C. Stair; First Sergeants – James Crimmins, Ferd Buckinham; Sergeants – Peter A. Hinkle, John M. Mohler, Samuel F. Ruth, Solomon B. Hough, Alfred A. Collins, Charles W. Conrad, Andrew C. Wolfe; Corporals – Christian Shearer, Amos Whalk, William Edwards, Isaac Supplee, Edward Jacbby, William Seifert, Adam F. Smith, James Hagerty, Jerald M. Burton, Devan N. Bentz; Musicians – William C. Stair, Samuel Simons, John Warner, Alexander Wolf.
Privates. – William T. Adams, John H. Anderson, Joseph Albert, Edward Blythe, Daniel Burke, Michael Barrett, Michael Browne, Thomas Brummel, Jacob Bush, James Brady, Chas. W. Brewster, Henry W. Baily, Ernest Baumback, John P.H. Beighley, James K.P. Boring, William Butler, Joseph Barmetler, George Barnabas, Benjamin R. Baily, Mahlon P. Baily, Michael Costello, John Clark, William Corcoran, James Carlin, Rufus Conrad, Aaron Case, John S. Clarkson, Francis Cosgrove, Gerald F. Conrad, J. Oscar Conrad, Benj. O. Carpenter, Daniel H. Coovadt, David Davis, Thomas Doyle, Thos. Dougherty, James Dugan, Thomas Dickson, William Dull, Thomas Defner, Philip Diamond, John Davis, Henry R. Davidson, Aaron L. Ebersole, Isaac Evans, John C. Eiler, Benjamin Fleck, J.B. Flemming, Nathaniel Finch, John C. Ferris, George Fake, Abraham Fennel, Thomas Firth, Patrick Gressing, Faber Gregg, Joseph Gilmore, Seeley Gale, Ezra Green, Thomas Griffith, Cornelius B. Gromey, Joseph Hagerty, Joseph M. Hunt, Martin Harrigan, John Harman, Fidell Haine, A.C. Heltmeyer, Ira Bardy, David N. Hardy, Casper Hahn, John Hartung, Elias Hinkley, Peter B. Hinkley, Jacob B. Hawes, George Hossler, John J. Harman, William Jones, Joshua M. Jones, Francis Jenkins, Samuel F. Jamison, Samuel F. Johnson, James P. Kennedy, Frederick Kechner, Charles Kobler, William Kerley, John G. Kline, Petraclus Kline, Ira Knight, John Kline, George Kunkle, David Lynch, William Laufer, Levi Long, George W. Lancaster, Chas. Luchterhan, Adam Leonard, Samuel Morgan, J.W. Mulholland, Francis Mier, Aaron Mayberry, John Mullin, Patrick Murphy, William March, Elias Miller, A. McBride, John McGarry, Thos. McCormick, Perry McNear, John McKinzie, James C. McClosky, James Nickson, Barney Pearlstone, Edward Page, Edwin W. Pierce, William D. Port, Russell Phillips, Wm, H. Pattent, Chas. W. Ridgway, John H. Robbins, Charles Regan, Seneca Race, Uriah Ridgway, Andrew C. Rudolph, Hiram Race, William H. Reesinger, Isaac A. Secor, Charles Smith, James Sullivan, John St. Clair, Levi Spangler, John Solier, Thos. Smallwood, Emanuel Smith, Henry Sage, Sidney C. Slocum, John Smutzer, John Smay, Joseph Schirmskie, Thomas A. Smith, Cornelius Smith, Madoram C. Secor, William B. Snodgrass, John L. Thomas, William Tasson, Allison Tiffaney, William Troxell, Isaac Vanarsdale, Jacob Varner, F. Vansalkenberg, Thomas Willet, Jacob Welsh, John T. Williams, Henry Wolf, Carl Waffiter, William Wallace, Thomas Wright, Thomas Wagoner, John L. Willey, Frederick A.Wilmoth, Ira V. Waterman, George C. Worley, Albert Weiser,Harrison C. Weist,Jacob Wier, Thomas Weidman, John Wardnon, John Yohe, George W. Zinn.

Officers. – Captains – Daniel Herr, William I. Reisinger, Edward A. Minnich; First Lieutenants -Charles W. Butts, Frank P. Farrell; Second Lieutenants – John L. Roper, Daniel L. Schriver, Daniel W. Balmer, William Meekins; First Sergeant – John B. Slaymaker, Samuel Brenizer; Quarter – Master Sergeant – William A. Wright; Commissary Sergeant – William Heeps; Sergeants – Charles Meyers, Terrence Duffy, John Hagen, 1st, William Hutcheson, Henry D. Bray, Francis H. Kettler, William B. Witmer, William H. Apewzell, Stewart B. Shannon, John G. Diemer, Henry Hemple; Corporals – John F. Chamberlin, Andrew Seitz, John Gerhart, Lewis Andrews, Conrad Heiser, George W. Brough, Lawrence Smith, Adam Doll, John Hagan, 2d, Abraham E. Garrett, George B. Harrison, John Knox, Jacob B. Anderson, Aaron H. Hann, Thomas F. Brown, Nathaniel Spindler; Blacksmith – Henry Weidner; Farrier – Elijah Hastings, Littleton Brown; Saddler – Gideon C. Angle; Buglers- Alfred M. Vanscoten, Andrew J. Weaver, George Monroe, Gideon J. Dean.
Privates. – John Augustine, Richard Ansell, Arnold Anssia, John B. Brink, Benjamin B. Burgess, Isaac Baughman, William Brandes, George W. Bupp, Jediah W. Baker, Stephen Breece, John R. Bear, Jacob Beverson, James Burke, James S. Clayton, Samuel Clark, William H. Croll, George L. Coons, William P. Crabb, H.R. Casselberry, Patrick Coyle, Thomas C. Coleman, Lewis Cline, John Clayton, John P. Dickey, Christian Dritt, Jefferson Ellis, Enos E. Ellis, Louis N. Entres, William Frame, Frederick Gilbert, Edwin Green, Stephen Green, Harrison Green, Ellis F. Gorrnan, Henry D. Good, John J. Gompf, James B. Hooper, Harvey H. Howser, Henry Hames, George Harris, Benjamin E. Harding, Christopher Hinckle, Louis Hallett, Parker H. Hensell, John Hall, Alexander Hodgen, John Harrison, Peter Haldabourn, Andrew Hird, Henry Harris, Lewis C. Irwin, Edward Jacoby, Henry Keister, John L. Knapp, Frank Keglin, Jacob Leibby, Andrew Laird, James B. Laid, Benjamin Lehman, John G. Loff, John B. Lehman, Joseph Lehman, Henry Lyle, Charles F. Leakway, Jacob Lichtenberger, Jacob Luckenbaugh, Frederick Lemla, Henry Leakway, Michael Laney, George Meyers, Daniel M. Moore, John Meyers, Byron Mood, Christian H. Mann, Aaron Martin, William Meyers, Samuel McMahon, Patrick McLaughlin, Jesse J. McClenry, Michael N. O’Donnell, William Owens, Charles H. Peterman, Joseph Palmer, Otis G. Palmer, Henry Pearce, Henry Rose, Edward Reese, Zebulon P. Ryder, John H. Robeson, John J. Rohrbaush, William F. Reed, John. Reimes, William F. Reisinger, George Rabine, William L. Slack, David Setzer, Lewis Stine, Isaac Shimer, William Shallman, Henry Sickman, Jacob Speace, James Slack, George L. Setch, William Schmale, Nathan R. Shiery, James Thorpe, James E. Tiffany, Samuel Terry, Samuel A. Thompson, Joseph F. Ulrich, Anthony Whalen, Jacob B. Wright, Alonzo B. Wright, Frank Wise, Albert White, Thomas Wininager, Thos. A. Williams, Bernard J. Ward, Frederick Webber, Edmund P. Welsh, George G. Wright, Michael Whalen, George Whitacker, Michael Wenk, William H. Willard, William M. Young, William H. Young, Henry Young, Thomas J. Ziegenfuss, Jesse J. Zordman.

Field and Staff Officers. – Colonels – Henry I. Zinn, Levi Maish; Lieutenant Colonel – John Lee; Major – Joseph S. Jenkins; Adjutants – H. Clay Marshall, John S. Low, John Hays; Quartermaster – John R. Turner; Surgeon – John S. Ramsey; Assistant Surgeons – Frederick L. Haupt, J.H. Longenecker. Peter Winter; Chaplains – George W. Chalfant, George M. Slaysman; Sergeant Majors – William G. Bosler, William H. Eisenhart; Quartermaster Sergeant – William F. Cutler, Comissary Sergeant – Joseph C. Halbert; Hospital Steward – John G. Barr.
Officers. – Captain – Ham. A. Glessner; First Lieutenant – William H. Tomes; Second Lieutenant – Henry Reisinger; First Sergeant – George K. Shenberger; Sergeants – Henry B. Weaver, Henry Oaks, Augustus Flury, Charles Harkins, Charles Shetter, Charles Austin; Corporals – Levi H. Rankin, Jona. Shenberger, John Sharp, Lyman Humes, Martin Bheuler, John H. Keller, Henry Kidd; Musicians – Charles Watson, Frederick Snyder.
Privates. – George Altland, George A. Berlin, John H. Bisker, Jacob Bitner, William P. Butt, Samuel Berger, Matthias Blum, Jacob Coble, Jesse Coble, Van Buren Danner, William A. Flury, Adam Fitzkee, Oliver Freet, Adam G. Fitzkee, George Flinn, Joshua Flury, George K. Franklin, Franklin R. Gohn, George Grim, Alonzo Grace, Josiah Grouver, John Y. Gardner, Henry Hibner, Henry A. Hammer, William Hyde, Emanuel Heppenstall, Barton Herr, Daniel Hostler, John Harkey, Samuel Hoover, Hiram Hoops, Joseph Hopson, Barton Jacobs, Andrew B. Jack, Henry Kendig, George B. Krall, Joseph Krall Jacob Kohr, John Kinard, Samuel Loncks, Abraham Lonkard, Peter B. Lentz, Henry Leithart, Andrew Lentz, Jacob G. Leber, Samuel Leinhart, Leander F. Miller, Alfred Moore, Daniel Moul, Aaron Neff, Noah Ness, Henry Otstot, William Owens, William A. Phillips, Christian Pluffer, William Petry, John Petry, Edward C. Ropp, John Snyder, Charles St. Clair, Henry Stavner, Michael Steward, William Sheetz, Henry C. Smith, Jacob Shutter, Washington Sutton, Eli Strike, John Soulia, Frederick Sleegar, Franklin Spyker, Cornelius Troup, David Troup, Thomas Toben, John Tray, John K. Upp, Philip Wertz, Joseph Whitcomb, Thomas Wilson, Thomas J. Wilson, H. Woodmansee, Henry Zeigler.
Officers. – Captains – Joseph S. Jenkins, Thomas B. Griffith; First Lieutenant – Benj. F. Myers; Second Lieutenant – William G. Bosler;** First Sergeant – Clinton. Keister. Sergeant -John S. Forrest, Charles Fiscus, Adam Reiling, Jos. W. Klinefelter; Corporals – Albert D. Kohler, Benj. F. Dean, Henry J. Koutz, Levi Rinely, Frank J. McClain, William H. Griffith, Henry Wagner, Wesley Taylor, William Metzgar, Christ’n H. Shuster; Musicians – David A. Miller, George W. Stahl.
Privates. – George Aubel, Franklin Ayres, Jacob Austin, Lyman Brubaker, George E. Bell, Milton K. Brubaker, Samuel Boll, Henry C. Burger, John L. Childs, Alfred Childs, Chas. H. Conway, William B. Caskey, Henry Coble, Josiah D. Day, Henry C. Day, John J. Dinwiddie, John B. Edie, Thomas Eaton, George Folk, Martin Fortenhach, Michael Friscan, James H. Gable, Joseph S. Gibbs, William A. Gibbs, John Grey, Thomas Haley, Henry Hamm, George W. Heiss, John Hamilton, Thomas Henry, William Iliff, Henry Jennings, Joseph Jontz, John Kane, Calvin Keister, Henry Kohler, James M. Leapson, Jacob Lef ever, Lewis C. Leschy, John A. Leapson, Charles H. Miller, William R. Myers, Louis Miller, Adam Myers, Andrew Mi tzell, Bloomfield Miller, Isaiah Miller, Harman R. Miller, William Morris, Thomas Numbers, Lewis Phaff, Isaac Rutter, John Rapp, Noah Ruhl, William N. Seitz, Mich’ 1 Shenberger, William Seifert, Emanuel Sweitzer, John C. Sadler, Peter Stegner, William J. Smith, William Shanley, Daniel L. Smith, John E. Smith, William Smith, Henry Smith, Harvey Tomlinson, William Trim, Benj. Tomlinson, James Toll, Robert Towson, Har Vanartsdalen, Lewis Watts, Edward Wiley, Albin K. Wite, George E. Wentz, George Wagner, Ad. H. Waltemyer, Michael Welsh, William N. Zeigler.
Officers. – Captain – Lewis Small; First Lieutenant – D. Wilson Grove; Second Lieutenants – Franklin G. Torbert, Jeremiah Oliver; First Sergeant – Osborn E. Stephens; Sergeants – John M. Torbit, Samuel C. Monroe, Samuel Ilgenfritz, Nathan B. Wails, Christian B. Miller, William W. Clark; Corporals – James E. Anderson, Joseph B. Grove, James C. McCurdy, John A. Channell, John Bell, Thomas A. Morgan, John H. Geesy, SaMcl Warubaugh, James E. Watson, SaMcl B. Montooth; Musicians – David Kane; Joseph W. Stokes.
Privates. – William Blackburn, John F. Burkholder, Thomas H. Brooks, Thomas Barton, Wells N. Boyd, Edward Burkins, William H. Cripple, James C. Channell, Thomas J. Collins, John B. Cooper, Charles T. Downs, Hugh Edgar, Joseph E. Evans, Daniel Edwards, Roland’s Eichholts, John G. Evans, Robert Fantom, Joseph E. Freston, Edward Fisher, Henry Gibson, Warrington Geesy, James E. Gordon, Henry C. Gordon, William Grim, Robert W. Griffith, Frederick Hunter, William A. Harvey, John O. Hughes, William Hart, Charles A. Hitchcock, Charles Hart, Charles Hortz, Thomas T. Jones, William D. Jones, Samuel E. Kopliun, Nelson S. Kilgore, Conrad Keene, George Krone, Thomas V. Knight, Alexander Lehr, Augustus Meyer, Alfred Minich, George Miller, John Mitchell, Jacob McCullough, William J. McKinley, Matthew H. McCall, George W. McCaulay, William A. McOauley, Henry R. Ness, Eli Olph, Christian Peterson, Robert Posey, Samuel G. Rowan, Henry G. Rhoades, Ezekiel G. Ruff, William Rent, Samuel Smeigh, Marion Sherwood, Michael Schriber, Christ’r Schwerin, Richard M. Smith, Adam Wisman, Elijah H. Wise, William H. Wails, Chas. A. Wisenall, John T. Wiley, Jacob H. Wise, Henry M. Wilson, William H. Wilson, Daniel T. Yost, Peter W. Zeigler.
Officers. – Captains – Levi Maish, David Z. Seipe; First Lieutenant – James Lece; Second Lieutenant – John J. Frick; First Sergeant – James P. McGuigan; Sergeants – S.S. Ensminger, C. Jabez Epley, Benj. F. Spangler, Lewis E. Smyser, William H. Eisenhart; Corporals – Alex. C. Ward, George Dosch, Charles McCreary, J.T. Hendrickson, John H. Schultz, James Mc Comas, Joseph A. Drexler, Thomas Doran; Musicians – John McHale, Vinton Welsh.
Privates. – George K. Bratton, John Butt, Stephen S. Barnett, William Berkheimer, John Beers, John Bupp, Adam Brown, Lewis Cline, William Clemmens, SaMcl C. Campbell, Adam Diehl, John T. Dugan, Harrison Fickes, John R. Fetrow, H. Folckemmer, Robert N. Foster, Alexander Frey, Andrew Grove, Edward A. Garretz, Jacob Goff, Christian Good, David R. Horn, Charles Horn, Henry Horn, 1st, Henry Horn, 2d, John D. Hammer, George Hubley, William Harris, George A. Hedrick, Russell Hammond, John C. Herman, Philip C. Hoover, William T. Ilgenfritz, Andrew Jennings, Burger Jennings, Jacob Kister, Marion Kline, Christian Krall, Henry Levenight, George Lauman, William H. Miller, Jonathan J. Millard, Jesse B. Miller, Elias B. Miller, Jacob Miller, George Myers, Joseph E. Manifold, Eli W. Myers, Charles Palmer, Rankin C. Potts, William W. Palmer; Henry P. Repman, William T. Rutledge, Peter S. Richard, E.T. Raffensberger, Jacob G. Reever, Walter B. Ruby, P.T. Raffensberger, Jacob Seipe, Herman Seipe, Abraham Sutton, Edw’d W. Spangler, Edward Shuler, William H. Stallman, Augustus Steig, Benjamin Spangler, Jacob Smith, Thaddeus Stroman, John H. Watson, John A. Walters, George E. Young, William H. Young, Edward J. Young.

Field and Staff Officers. – Colonel, Andrew J. Fulton; Lieutenant Colonel, George W. Reisinger; Major, Joseph A. Renaut; Adjutant, William E. Patterson; Quarter Master, Milton Sultzbach; Surgeon, Abram Harshberger;. Assistant Surgeons, Joseph Swartz, A.H. Whitman; Chaplain, David J. Lee; Sergeant Major, J.O. McLaughlin; Quarter Master Sergeant, Jacob H. Schriver; Commissary Sergeant, William H. Duhling; Hospital Steward, James B. Schmidt.
Officers. – Captain, Alonzo L. Ettinger; First Lieutenant, John Herman; Second Lieutenant, Samuel Leitner; First Sergeant, Charles A. Myers; Sergeants, Manassas Holler, Charles H. Matthias, William Hess, John Baymiller; Corporals, Jacob Barnhart, George Graybil1, David Heindel, Eli Gottwald, Emanuel W. Sipe, William Lory, Joseph Graybill, George Bruaw; Musicians, John Matthias, Jacob F. Fink.
Privates. – Joseph F. Beck, John Basehore, George Burns, George Brown, John Copenhaver, Jacob Cockley, Daniel Carter, James Coffee, William Cahill, William Darone, Emanuel Delp, Michael Dellinger, Jacob Deisinger, Daniel M. Prayer, Fred Dessenberger, John Drayer, William Dixon, Franklin Ettinger, John Farst, Daniel F. Fink, Alexander Free, Jacob Free, Adam Fols, Jacob N. Fry, Jacob L. Fry, Reuben Flohr, David Fink, Harris Ginerieh, Peter Grass, John Gray, John Good, John Grayman, John Husk, John A. Hoover, Francis Holler, David Hoke, David Hoffman, Andrew A. Hoover, Philip A. Hoover, William James, Daniel Knaub, Adam King, Metalus Knaub, George Kraft, Anthony Kre