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York Book & Paper Fair – Jim Lewin scores a winner!

Because I cannot yet drive following my recent surgery to reattach a retina in my eye, my daughter drove me to the York Fairgrounds yesterday for my scheduled book signing and local TV interview at the York Book & Paper Fair. We sold a reasonable amount of books and, most importantly, I got to spend time with her.
The mix of dealers was quite interesting, with a smattering of Civil War related material being offered at a few tables, including old newspapers, art prints, and photographs. Besides collectible and vintage book dealers, the show also had comic book dealers, postcards, vinyl records, movie and political collectibles, posters, advertising pieces, and all sorts of other paper memorabilia. Because my daughter and I both work for a leading global paper company, the show took on even more interest. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, so there are no pix to share of this event.
My hat’s off to Pam and Jim Lewin of the York Emporium for organizing and promoting this show, and I really, really look forward to the autumn rendition of the Book & Paper Fair when I will more time and better eyesight to peruse the vendor’s wares and perhaps stay for the auction.
Thanks Jim for a job well done, and here’s to your next effort!

Photo provided by Channel 16 and the York Emporium. Local TV personality Greg Johnson interviews me about my books and my interest in the Civil War.