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White Rose CWRT this Wednesday!

Attention York area Civil War buffs!!!! This is a friendly reminder to come to the White Rose Civil War Round Table‘s meeting this Wednesday evening, where you will hear noted Gettysburg expert Dr. Charles C. Fennell, Jr. speak about Pickett’s Charge, specifically focused on the divisions of Isaac Trimble and Joseph Pettigrew, which formed 2/3 of the major attacking column.
Pickett gets the publicity and attention, but Pettigrew and Trimble’s men suffered massive casualties and had problems of their own coming across the mile-long “Valley of Death,” as some accounts call it. Ike Trimble was a man well acquainted with York County from his antebellum days as a railroad construction engineer.

This interesting and informative meeting will be at 7:00 Wednesday, October 17, at the York County Heritage Trust at 250 East Market Street in York. Parking and admission are free. A hat will be passed to collect donations to defray the speaker’s expenses.
Charlie Fennell is a licensed battlefield guide and a professor at Harrisburg Community College in Gettysburg. I had the privilege of sitting with him at dinner last week at the Dobbin House, and found him to be quite knowledgable and conversant. He was among the featured speakers at the dedication ceremony for the John Geary statue on Culp’s Hill at Gettysburg in the summer. He’s not your stereotypical boring college professor, but is a dynamic, lively speaker sure to hold your attention.
Think you know everything there is to know about Pickett’s Charge? Think again! Come out and hear, “The Other Side of the Story” from one of the top Gettysburg experts in the region.