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Update on 2nd edition of Flames Beyond Gettysburg (Savas Beatie version)

Veteran battlefield tramper T. S. Mingus stands in front of artillery pieces at the Peach Orchard in Gettysburg National Military Park. Photo taken December 19, 2010.
Many of you have asked about the status of the second edition (new and vastly improved!) edition of Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Confederate Expedition to the Susquehanna River, June 1863.
First, it is now for sale on! Place orders now and receive your book in April 2011, or order directly from me for an autographed second edition copy — $18.95 from me, plus postage.
Historian / author June Lloyd has finished proofreading the final galley proofs. All the maps from Steven Stanley and the photographs from Dr. Thomas M. Mingus are in place. I have just finished the indexing (that’s is quite a job!) and have submitted June’s corrections and my index to the publisher, Savas Beatie.
After Ted Savas and crew work their magic, this will be ready to be sent to the printer to be printed on archival, permanent paper that meets the Library of Congress and ANSI specifications for acid-free book stock.
Cover design is by Ian Hughes based upon nationally known artist Bradley Schmehl’s painting, “Columbia Bridge Burning.” Foreword is by Eric J. Wittenberg.
You are going to LOVE this new book!
Better graphics! More stories! Easier-to-read font and type! New anecdotes! Different illustrations and photos! Fresh material!
Your thought you knew the story of the week before the Battle of Gettysburg?
Think again!