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York CWRT tours Ball’s Bluff with author Jim Morgan: Part 3

Members of the York, Pennsylvania, Civil War Round Table listen to author James A. Morgan III describe the Union rout from the field at the end of the October 21, 1861, Battle of Ball’s Bluff near Leesburg, Virginia. Jim’s knowledge of the fight is astounding!

Panic-stricken Union soldiers retreated to the Potomac River near this spot. In the background is Harrison’s Island in Maryland. The Battle of Ball’s Bluff was at times referred to as the Battle of Harrison’s Island, although that usage is rarely seen today in modern accounts.

One of the maps of the Battle of Ball’s Bluff. Compare this with the map below, which was drawn earlier and is from a participant who was on the ground for several hours before retiring when the Federals raced to the river.

Here are some more photographs taken at Ball’s Bluff during Jim’s presentation.

The final set of photographs will be posted later this week.