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Stuart’s Ride – a detailed article

Well known Pennsylvania author J. David Petruzzi visited the York CWRT this past Wednesday night and presented one of the most interesting overviews of J.E.B. Stuart’s mid-1863 ride around Hooker / Meade’s army that I have recently heard. I had helped a little with the original research and data collection for his fine book, Plenty of Blame to Go Around: J.E.B. Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg, but I found a lot more information since its publication, so I decided to write a magazine article on the specific portion of Stuart’s ride between the end of the Battle of Hanover and the shelling of Carlisle – that is, the ride from the outskirts of Hanover to Dillsburg through western York County.
That article appeared in the January 2008 issue of The Gettysburg Magazine and is a companion piece to the article I wrote for the July 2007 issue regarding “Jubal Early Takes York.” Both issues are widely available from Gettysburg booksellers and gift shops, or can be obtained over the Internet directly from the publisher.