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Second Battle of Winchester book sent to the publisher!


Eric J. Wittenberg and I have submitted our new manuscript for the Second Battle of Winchester to our publisher, Savas Beatie LLC. This new book is well ahead of schedule. Eric and I dreamed of it a couple of years ago, did the intense research and multiple site visits, developed a plan and outline, sifted through hundreds of primary accounts, developed a driving tour, hired a mapmaker and cover artist, and worked our tails off to make this what we believe will be the definitive account of this battle. Watch this blog for more information as this book comes out. We are scheduled for early in 2015, but with sending it in way early we can now focus our attention to the First Battle of Winchester.

The connection to York County?

Second Winchester was the first significant battle for this area’s own 87th Pennsylvania Infantry, which suffered its first combat fatalities beginning with a drummer boy named Karnes from New Oxford, Pa.

There’s a lot of material on the 87th in this upcoming book!

Colorized cover art by Wheaton, Illinois-based graphic designer Ivor Janci.