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Remembrance Day Parade in Gettysburg

2007 Remembrance Day parade
My two-year-old grandson and I attended today’s annual Remembrance Day parade in Gettysburg, with more than 1,000 reenactors marching in front of thousands of onlookers. This was the fourth time I have attended the parade in the six years we have lived in Pennsylvania, but the first time for my grandson, who loved the music, the pageantry, the brightly colored flags, and the horses, especially the horses!

In the morning, I drove over from York using the same back roads used by Brig. Gen. John Gordon’s brigade to approach the town on June 30, 1863. The first stop was the giant Nativity scene in front of one of the local banks to get into the holiday spirit. I then signed copies of my new book, Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign, Volume 2, at the Farnsworth House ‘s bookstore before lunch at Mickey D’s.
We then took a side trip to Boyds Bear Country so the little guy could pet the reindeer and watch the electric train roar around the giant Christmas tree. We found a convenient parking spot two blocks in back of the Dobbin House and then watched the parade from its driveway. There didn’t seem to be as many reenactors this year (perhaps scared off by the weather or by high gasoline prices to make the long drive???), and the crowds seemed a bit smaller as well. Perhaps it was just my impression from my vantage point…
Overall, what a great day! Were any Cannonball readers at the parade (or in it)? What were your impressions?