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Pennsylvania 150 Civil War Road Show

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War through a special commission, the Pennsylvania 150 Civil War organization. PA 150 CW has developed a special 53-foot trailer filled with Civil War exhibits and a scattering of artifacts related to the state in the war years and its prelude.
Over the next four years, the trailer will be located at 67 different counties within Pennsylvania and open to the public. Many of these counties have sponsored other events with a strong tie-in to the Road Show trailer’s arrival. These events often include music concerts, living history encampments, book signings, and many other support activities.
This past weekend, June 9-12, the Civil War Road Show was in Gettysburg, with the trailer open for the public in Parking Lot #2 of the Visitors Center of the Gettysburg National Military Park (shown above).
The schedule of the Road Show’s upcoming appearances can be found on the Pennsylvania 150 Civil War website.
Pennsylvanians, mark your calendars to attend the Road Show appearances in your county!