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One-tank road trip: Civil War statue at the Guernsey County, Ohio, Courthouse

Photo by Scott Mingus

I recently had the privilege to speak at the Southeastern Ohio Civil War Round Table in Cambridge, Ohio, to approximately 40-45 people. Attendees came from other CWRT groups in neighboring Barnesville, Marietta, and other towns throughout the region. I grew up about 40 miles from Cambridge and my sister and one of my nephews came to hear me talk. I took a few photos of the Guernsey County Courthouse, which features an impressive monument to the Civil War soldiers from that county.

Morgan’s Raiders passed through this area in July 1864, when Confederate Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan invaded southern Ohio. Federal troops and gunboats blocked his passage back into the South at the Battle of Buffington Island, forcing Morgan to turn northeasterly.

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Here are a few more photos. This courthouse is less than 5 miles north of I-70 and is easy to find from the highway.

Thank you SEO CWRT for the invitation to speak!!! See you next year!