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New Civil War movie coming out!

Movie Poster for Johnny
I grew up in central Ohio in the town of Zanesville, most noted for its unique Y-bridge and as the birthplace of Western author Zane Gray. Not too far away is the city of Newark, Ohio, the birthplace of John Clem (also spelled Klem), one of the 516,000 German-Americans to fight in the American Civil War. Clem, a young drummer boy in an Ohio regiment, gained national fame as “Johnny Shiloh” and “Johnny Chickamauga.” Years after the war, he became the youngest major general in U.S. Army history.
In the 1960s, Disney make a somewhat fictionalized movie based loosely on Clem’s Civil War exploits, entitled Johnny Shiloh. Now, a relatively unknown film company, Historical Productions, has produced a new movie on John Clem’s service in the Union army. The movie trailer can be found at the company’s website. Directed by R. David Burns, this movie at least looks better than the classic Disney flick (at least, it has better reenactors and uniforms!).
I have fond memories of the Disney Johnny Shiloh flick from my childhood, although my favorite ACW movies are Glory and Gettysburg. What is your favorite Civil War movie, and why?