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New additions to series of booklets on York County’s Civil War history

150 facts frontI have been working on a series of small, focused booklets on various aspects of York County’s Civil War history, many of which are designed as fund raisers for various organizations. I have recently added a couple new titles, and at the end of this blog post I have a list of planned or potential topics for future booklets.

What else would you like to see added to this series?

NCR coverThe first of these special booklets, commissioned by the York County Parks about this time last year, was a booklet on The Northern Central Railway in the Civil War. It is for sale at various YCP outlets, including the Hanover Junction train station. Contact YCP for details on how to obtain your own copy.

CSACalamityThe second book in the series, Confederate Calamity, is a micro-history of famed Confederate cavalry general J.E.B. Stuart’s ride through western York County on June 30 to July 2, 1863 following the battle of Hanover. A fund raiser for the Greater Dover Historical Society, copies are available at Botterbusch’s Jewelry on the square in Dover (Route 74).


Beyond the Burning Bridge: Wrightsville, Pa., in the Civil War is one of the two latest additions to the series. Featuring a core of some of the key text from Flames Beyond Gettysburg about the burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, I have added many stories about Wrightvillians in the entire Civil War, with a focus on soldiers from the town. Copies are available at Historic Wrightsville, Inc.’s museum on Locust Street and at the Burning of the Bridge Diorama on Hellam Street, as well as on

150 facts coverThe newest addition, 150 Civil War Facts from York County, is a compilation of past Cannonball blog posts covering broadly a selection of local events, people, and places associated with the war. Copies are available in the gift shop of the York County Heritage Trust, as well as on

So, what’s coming in the future?

Well, thanks for asking!

In addition to my upcoming full-length book on The Underground Railroad in York County, Pa., (York County Heritage Trust, 2016), I tentatively plan (Lord willing, and if I have enough interest) to write additional 50-page booklets from among this list of options I am considering:

  • The U. S. Army General Hospital in York, Pa.
  • The Controversial Lincoln Photographs at Hanover Junction, Pa.
  • Camp Scott in York, Pa., during the Civil War
  • York County’s Civil War Regiments
  • A Driving Tour of York County’s Civil War Sites
  • Confederate Impressions of York County, Pa.
  • The Churches of York County during the Civil War
  • Hanover, Pa., in the Civil War
  • Civil War Faces from York County, Pa.
  • Civil War Barns from York County, Pa.

Is there anything else I should consider? Topics that should be added?

At your service,