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Penn Park, the site of the U. S. Army General Hospital, during the Civil War.

More photos of York’s Penn Common Civil War memorial

Layout of the army hospital on Penn Commons (Scott Mingus photo).

This plaque on the north side of Penn Common depicts the Civil War-era U.S. Army Hospital that once was on the premises of what is now the park. The hospital was a sprawling complex that treated more than 14,000 patients during the war. The buildings were dismantled following the conflict and the cessation of military medical services in York.

Background post: York’s Penn Common Civil War memorial

This graceful figure of Columbia tops the central column of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Penn Common.

At each corner of the monument stands a bronze figure representing each branch of the service.





Unfortunately, over the years, someone vandalized the cavalryman’s statue, knocking off the muzzle of his carbine.