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York (PA) CWRT features Matt Atkinson speaking on Vicksburg

Siege of Vicksburg–13, 15, & 17 Corps, Commanded by Gen. U.S. Grant, assisted by the Navy under Admiral Porter–Surrender, July 4, 1863, by Kurz and Allison, 1888.
The York Civil War Round Table will feature Park Ranger Matt Atkinson at its monthly meeting on May 19, 2010. The topic of the evening will be ” Storming Through Mississippi : The Campaign and Siege for Vicksburg.”
President Abraham Lincoln called the capture of Confederate Vicksburg the key to Union victory. By seizing the Mississippi city, the Union would gain control of the Mississippi River, cut the Confederacy in half and take its most important supply line. Join us on May 19 as Matt discusses the Vicksburg campaign from May to July of 1863, including the five battles and the 47-day siege.
Matt has published a manuscript by a Confederate staff officer entitled “Drennan’s Letter.” William Drennan witnessed many important events during the Campaign and Siege of Vicksburg. At the Battle of Champion, Drennan observed an argument between William W. Loring and John C. Pemberton that later led to much controversy. In May, as the siege began, Drennan began a letter to his wife that eventually totaled 90 pages and chronicled the events during the siege. Matt will have copies of ” Drennan’s Letter” available for purchase ( $8 ) after the program.
Matt Atkinson hails from Houston, Mississippi. (Grierson’s Raid came through his town.) He attended Ole Miss and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in History. He is employed by Gettysburg National Military Park. Matt grew up in Mississippi loving the Civil War. His parents took him to local battlefields such as Vicksburg and Shiloh. Matt currently resides in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with his wife Angela and two-year old son Benjamin Lee. Matt promises an “entertaining” evening so don’t miss out!
The York Civil War Round Table invites the public to its monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, May 19th at 7:00 PM in the auditorium of the York County Heritage Trust, 250 E. Market Street, York, Pennsylvania. The meeting and parking are free of charge, and no reservations are required.
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