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Major Civil War event this weekend in Gettysburg!

One of the author’s typical wargaming layouts
Did you ever play with toy soldiers as a child? Even today, do you enjoy looking at dioramas and miniature depictions of Civil War battles? What about looking at model railroad layouts and marveling at the high quality terrain? Do you enjoy strategy and matching wits in a competitive environment with people who also like military history?
Then, this weekend offers an event you should check out in nearby Gettysburg. The annual Fall In! miniature wargaming convention is being held at the Eisenhower Resort and Conference Center and the adjacent All-Star Sports Complex just south of the Gettysburg Battlefield on the Emmitsburg Road (Business 15). November 9-11; 9 a.m until 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a limited schedule of events from 9 until 1.

There is no admission charge to walk around and browse through hundreds of tables with miniature wargames in action. Teams of players compete in a recreational and social setting to recreate historical battles using hand-painted miniature soldiers on model railroad style terrain settings. Gamers use special rules to cover movement, combat, battlefield morale, casualties, officers and commanders, and the like.
If you have never seen a miniature wargame, why not stop by? There are hundreds of games over the weekend, with nearly a thousand wargaming and history buffs in town for this convention, one of the five largest such assemblies in North America each year. Dozens of gamers from York County will be present, and I will be leading a wargame simulation of an attack on Cemetery Hill during the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg.
Again, there is no charge to walk around and look at the gaming action!