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Local woman specializes in period costume jewelry for reenactors

I was signing several of my Civil War human interest books yesterday at the Gettysburg Gift Center, and the table I was using was directly across from that of Rebecca Marie. She is a very talented crafter / artisan who creates lavish pieces of costume jewelry from the Victorian period. These ornate and exquisite works of art are quite nice and a fine addition to those reenactors / living historians who want to bedazzle their partners at Victorian teas or balls.
Becky’s nicely crafted work is available in the Gettysburg Gift Center, as well as on-line at their website / Internet store. She has always had a love of jewelry, especially antique pieces, and has been quoted as saying, “I felt I needed my own creative outlet, and jewelry seemed to be the perfect choice. My goal is to make jewelry that has the look of age, but is affordable to everyone.”