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Lincoln’s summer house opening to the public!

Abraham Lincoln remains one of the most well-known and revered Americans of the 19th Century. He was a complex man, with far more nuances and characteristics than the common public perception. Andy Martin will explore some of these facets of Lincoln’s personality in his upcoming talk at the York Civil War Round Table on February 20 at the York County Heritage Trust at 7 p.m.
Unlike today’s presidents, Lincoln was highly visible around Washington, with frequent walks, carriage rides, horseback rides, and other casual pursuits that often compelled his bodyguards to implore him to use more caution. Washington at the time was a hot, muggy place in the summer, and the White House was not the most comfortable living quarters. Lincoln often rode out to a breezier location and sojourned in a small cottage. This home has recently been restored and will be open to the public beginning on President’s Day. It will make a perfect one-tank day trip down to D.C.
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