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Lincoln reenactor plays piano as fundraiser for Steam into History

Duke LincolnSteam into History, Inc. and the Maryland Conservatory of Music are co-sponsoring a special evening with Dr. Duke Thompson as he portrays Abraham Lincoln and plays the piano. This event will take place on Sunday night, April 27, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. at St. John’s Evangelical Church, 175 E. Main Street, New Freedom. The cost is $25 for adults and $15 for children. To purchase tickets, call 717-942-2370, or get them at the door the night of Dr. Duke’s performance.

Duke Thompson is a musician and piano player who is definitely out of the mold. Check out these things about Duke:

* Holds a Doctor of Musical Arts (summa cum laude) in Piano Performance from Arizona State University

* Owns a blues club in Canada and plays the blues as often as he is there

* Founder and President of the Maryland Conservatory of Music

* Master arranger of many classic rock tunes including for The Who, Yes, and Billy Joel

* Has been featured on National Public Radio in Canada and the US

* Taught as a tenured college professor for 17 years

* Recorded Gershwin solo piano CD in celebration of Gershwin’s 100th birthday in 1998

* Recorded solo CD, Lots to Consider, in 2009 with solo works and hybrid arrangements

* Has performed throughout Canada, the US, and in Europe and Japan

* Guest artist for master classes at many colleges and conservatories

* Has performed with orchestras in Canada (Edmonton Symphony) and the US (Naples Philharmonic)

* Founder of “Music for the Inner Self” where music becomes a therapist of the spirit and souls of all people including those recovering from alcohol and/or drug dependency

For more information, contact Debi Beshore at Steam into History (717)-600-6535.

Buses are welcome. New Freedom is located 4 miles north of the Maryland line, 4 miles off of Interstate 83 at the Shrewsbury exit.