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Hanover Civil War Encampment 2010 at Codorus State Park

The 16th Pennsylvania reenactment group is sponsoring and hosting the 2010 Hanover Civil War Encampment at Codorus State Park in southern York County, Pennsylvania. The lake covers the Civil War era town of Marburg, which was raided by J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign. Many farmers in this region lost horses, livestock, chickens, and supplies to the Army of Northern Virginia’s cavaliers.
Along with my friend Frank Meredith, I was at the event to sell and sign books. Frank and I had a chance to chat about the new book we are producing, a novel based upon my popular title Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition.
Here are some photos from the event, which continues on Sunday. Admission is free and the public is welcome!

The Rebels are reduced to using children for infantrymen. This fellow is from West Virginia and was part of the Confederate reenacting unit from the Valley Division.

Author Frank Meredith visits with friends and family members. Frank is a Hanover native now living in upstate New York.

The Civil War surgeon’s tent drew quite a crowd as the living historians discussed their craft. A good surgeon could amputate a limb and sew up the wound in under 7 minutes. When anesthesia was available, it was good for 10 minutes, so he had time to spare.

Chaplain Rene and Rommi Kinard of Hanover are well known in the local reenacting community. They frequently present church services in period garb, including Civil War, colonial, World War II, and Cowboy Church. For more information, see this article from the Frederick. Md. newspaper.

Wounded “soldiers” in a hospital tent. They are awaiting some kind-hearted soul to come and read to them, or perhaps bathe their foreheads with a cool washcloth. The U.S. Christian Commission and other aid groups helped minister to wounded and ill Civil War soldiers.

The encampment featured perhaps three times as many Confederate reenactors and living historians than Yankees, even though the event is being held in Pennsylvania. That seems to be typical for many events in this region, which is an easy drive from Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia for Southern troops.

Codorus State Park is a ten-minute drive from Hanover, Pennsylvania, and roughly a half-hour from York (depending upon the route chosen). It’s east of Gettysburg in adjoining York County.