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The Hanover Branch Railroad – part 7

The final section of the Hanover Branch Railroad roughly paralleled Green Valley Road to its intersection with Junction Road, and turned easterly at that point to follow Junction Road into Hanover Junction. On June 27, 1863, Elijah White’s Confederate cavalry rode toward the junction using this road and tracks.

Reader Bob Resig submitted this photo of the old trace of the Hanover Branch Railroad along Junction Road.

Very little remains of the old Hanover Branch Railroad’s right of way and embankments in this section, although traces may be seen in places.

Bob Resig’s view of the old HBRR line along Valley Junction Road

The old HBRR trace is quite visible as it curves into Hanover Junction (looking west from the parking lot of the restored junction).

Another view of the abandoned and neglected HBRR line at Hanover Junction. Once, this railroad carried Abraham Lincoln to Hanover Junction following his Gettysburg Address in mid-November, 1863.

We have come to the end of Bob Resig’s photo journey tracing the route of Elijah White’s Comanches from Valley Junction to Hanover Junction.

View taken in December by Scott Mingus in the opposite direction; looking toward the depot and the John Scott Hotel.
Next in this series… the Confederate cavalry raid on Hanover Junction.
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